Stolen Election

SUMMARY: Stolen Election describes a couple who are older, patriotic nationalists, forced to endure the liberal takeover of the USA by a NWO that doesn’t value the US Constitution, Bill of Rights or right to bear arms. Fiction: 135 Pages

The author, writing as Spitfire Sicilian, has published Stolen Election, a book dripping with humor in the style of Mark Twain, which takes a dim view of 2020 and an even dimmer view of 2021 and those who have been hiding behind the scenes to change the world, via a pandemic  and “The Great Reset.” The cast of characters includes Trooper, Bile, the Council on Foreign Ruination, the Trilateral Collateral, Fraudci, the Bilderbraggers, and the man of the hour, Blüt leader of the World Economic Folly, and the ever-popular Vatican.  Weaving in stories the main stream media has refused to publish during eighteen months of lockdown, Spitfire Sicilian, has drawn from tidbits yet on the internet that have not gone 404, “page not found,” and woven those gems into a story every US Patriot will love, for the USA remains a separate and unique nation, through the ingenuity of those living in Statesland, Adam and Eve and a cast of three hundred.

A short book, kept sweet so it can be quickly read in an afternoon, may well fall under the category of novella at 135 pages, but it reads like a book demanding to be a movie script, with patriots winning their country back. If you need a feel-good book to read, this is the one to choose. It will arrive as a pdf you can read from your phone, your laptop or whatever device you yet have, despite censorship snitches on the loose and cyber attacks. Maybe a shot of humor, strong narrative and evocative descriptions is just what the doctor ordered.

All of the US news stations were a tightly woven web… designed to capture the truth and kill it.”

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