Stolen Election Novella: The Great Reset is a Gross Regret NWO Plan

All of the US news stations were a tightly woven web… designed to capture the truth and kill it.”

Stolen Election: A Novella about The Great Reset

SUMMARY: Stolen Election describes a couple who are older, patriotic nationalists, forced to endure the liberal takeover of the USA by a NWO that doesn’t value the US Constitution, Bill of Rights or right to bear arms. Fiction: 135 Pages

The main character, Eve, tells the story and her pseudonym is Spitfire Sicilian; on social media, Eve is often censored for telling the unvarnished truth about “The Great Reset,” the CRISPR “change the human genome project” which requires fetal organs, a COUP on US borders and planned influx of illegal aliens to overwhelm all government systems…and a planned breakdown of the family unit, started with erasing family terms. The cast of characters includes Trooper, Bile, the Council on Foreign Ruination, the Trilateral Collateral, Fraudci, the Bilderbraggers, and the man of the hour, Blüt leader of the World Economic Folly, and the ever-popular Vatican.  Weaving in stories the main stream media has refused to publish during 20+ months of lockdown, Spitfire Sicilian, has drawn from facts yet on the internet that have not yet been redacted, and woven those gems into a story every patriot needs to hear. In the end the USA remains a separate and unique nation, only because of the ingenuity and determination of those living in Statesland, a fictitious name for a very real location.

The “Censored News” page of is for further study by the reader; here are found FACTS our news has redacted from all discussion since Nov. 3, 2020.  This satirical novella was written to inspire further investigation of an off kilter mindset that calls tearing down a country and erasing history “build back better.”

This is the second book written by the author. The first is Redacted, No Longer! Women of the Bible who Broke the Status Quo [and refused to follow manmade laws destined to destroy their society].  It was published in 2017. This new novella clearly shows modern day women are called to do the same!

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