Pro Editor and Writer

CLEAR and CONCISE wording is critical for anyone who wishes to communicate.  I’m an experienced professional editor, writer and copywriter, and I’ll improve any business, marketing, fiction, nonfiction, or personal project you wish to complete:

  • Business and marketing materials
  • Business letters
  • Video scripts
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Nonfiction and Fiction book manuscripts

Personal projects (complaint letters, resumes with cover letters, research on any topic for your next writing project)

Need to start from scratch?

Need research done? Compiling information that you will find useful for a presentation, book or web content is my forte.  Let me collect the precise information you require so you can focus on what you do best. Send me your work-in-progress for a prompt fee quote and free sample edit of up to 5 pages.

My Quality Guarantee

I have more than 21 years experience in guerilla marketing techniques and my background in English Education ensures your work will be clear, concise and ready for distribution.

Pricing without hidden costs!

I’ll give you a firm quote up front so you’ll know exactly how much you can expect to pay if you decide to hire me. People often ask me to “look at their site” and “give them suggestions.” Yes, I do perform this request. I charge a fee of $65-$125 depending upon the number of pages I am requested to review; for a three-page site, I would write a one-page assessment in which I note all typo’s and make general suggestions for improving content. Actual content revisions are not included at this point; they are charged at $40/hour. One article takes two hours to research, compose and prepare for online inclusion with tags, so budget accordingly!

Need on-going help?

If you have regular writing or editing needs, I’ll be happy to assist. Using a freelance professional like me saves on overhead expenses and my turnaround time is swift.