Pass the ERA

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What will it take to pass the ERA? is a booklet designed to move the Women’s Movement forward to it’s next level–equal pay and equal representation in government. Pictured is Deborah, judge, prophet and military leader. Her name means “honeybee” and she described as having been like the sun when it comes out in full strength, a spirited, fiery woman.” [Judges 5:31]

I have prepared this book to give you the strength of Rahab which means “fierceness”…the spirited sting of Deborah…and the tenacity of the Daughters of Zelophehad who demanded their rightful share and got it.

Download and pass it on to women: What will it take to Pass the ERA

Here is a prime example of why we need more women in the halls of government. Men forget they have mothers and daughters! I give you Sen. Kyl vs. Sen. Stabenow in 2009 during the HC reform debate:

Here is another, where Adam Schiff rudely attempts to silence Elise Stefanik with his gavel!

Regardless of your politics, you should be disconcerted by this photo of ONE woman amid a sea of men; such lack of representation in May of 2020 is indicative of why women’s issues, children’s issues, and equality are completely off the radar.

Count the men: 19. Count the women: 2, 1 speaking and 1 taking notes. Is this parity?


My new booklet addresses how we get back on the radar and it starts with having the courage of a lioness! What will it take to Pass the ERA