My Portfolio

From social media campaigns  to press releases for a new company launch, book reviews, a technical instruction manual to video creation and podcasts, I use my skill set to brand your business to its best advantage, positioning you for success.

Marketing Experience: Training Manual, Blogging, Promotional Videos, New Website Creation & SEO, Articles for PR, Articles for Web and Print Content, Promo Videos, Press Releases,  Seminar Design & Guerilla Marketing Techniques.


The Welder’s Hand March 2019:  Product in CT Ace Hardware store using an exhibit stand made by my husband.  Press Release and soon to be on the Home Depot website in July/August.

Newest Website Created April 2019:

Book Review: June 20, 2019: Russia’s Biggest Hack Review of Russia’s Biggest Hack

Rental Home Video: Trying to sell or rent home? I can create a video for you to post.

Past Work: 2007-2018

Kirkus Book Reviews [Used by schools and libraries ]: KIRKUS

ISurf America: I wrote the training manual used by all city-site owners [2007]:  isurfAmericaManual

The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Music Guide published in 2007:  Ultimate Wedding Guide

The Wedding Guide as Director of Marketing: Wedding Guide 2007 Sample articles I have written to promote other people’s businesses:

The New US Woman: US Women’s Directory.  I made the list of TOP FEMALE BLOGGERS in 2010:

Patrick Ferreri: Jazz and Classical Guitarist

Instrumental Clip: Rosanne Ferreri, Vocalist with Patrick Ferreri on the Classic Guitar:

Rose Ferreri Couture

Flexcin: Article Series for Flexcin

Edited for L. R. Witherspoon: Surviving The Storm, a 31-Day Devotional,  August 2017

Brightest Solar in 2017:  [I wrote the commentary and did the voiceover]: 

 Concept of a “Solar Party” created by the East Coast Marketing Lady in 2018

I am also a published author: Redacted, No Longer! Cost: $30 available now from East Coast Marketing Publications. Summary: This book brings into the spotlight women who have effected change and have been given zero credit for having done so. These never-before-told stories reverse currently accepted social and political roles and thoroughly upset the apple cart. A fantastic read for those willing to set preconceived notions aside and review history with open hearts and fresh eyes. Women of Bible Rosanne Ferreri 2018