Resist the NWO with Pride in YOUR Country

I am an American of Italian-Sicilian heritage. I am an American first and an Italian second. My ancestors came over from Sicily in a boat like this one, looking like old world stock, speaking English and Italian simultaneosly in the same sentence. According to my father Nannu had a garden that was eight city blocks long in Chicago and spontaneously broke into poetry and set his poetry to music, with my father playing guitar. That must be why I love to garden and write and sing with reckless abandon.

I take pride in everything about the United States of America, from her rugged individualism that settled the Wild West to the fishing and whaling villages that began on the east coast, up near Maine and Connecticut. I love the diversity God created in the wildlife on both coasts, the 30+ varieties of birds that eat from my feeder every morning. I want my children to travel all over the USA as I have done, checking off each state as if on a “to do list.” I don’t just want them to just read about geography, I want them to see it with their own eyes, as I have. To live as if every minute is precious.

I want my children to go to France and eat cheese and discuss high couture fashion, just as I did with my parents. I want them to go to Germany and be amazed by beer steins that are 4 feet high and eat decadent streudel at 2 pm in the afternoon in a patio surrounded by churches 300+ years old. I want them to go to Switzerland and hear goat bells ringing early in the am as the sun rises over mountain peaks and see ethnic costumes from every hill and dale. I want them to go to Italy and see people that look like a chip off the old block with noses that look regal, not silly and upturned. I want every country to be proud of their heritage and culture and unique, often humorous, ways of doing this thing we all call life. But, we are at a crossroads here, where there are some [not even a partial majority] who want Witches Brew.

How do I describe Witches Brew? I was in Girl Scouts in the 60’s and my leaders thought it would be nice, one starry night, to have us each put our favorite can of soup into ONE big pot—that’s cream soups, beef and chicken stocks, tomato soup, potato soup, rice and noodle soups. Imagine the results. It was the most DIGUSTING thing every made by teen women and it looked like something pre-digested.

Quite freqently on Twitter as @ECMarketingLady I will post a “hell no!” GIF that is positively splendid. NO, don’t want to be melded into one NWO landmass with technocrats and a plutocracy running the show. We want to remain separate and unique and quirky and even hilarious in our political rhetoric. Only when we die will we know who got it right and who got it wrong. Maybe we will find we all saw different parts of the very same elephant, like the parable:

I sing this for my country, my America. Sing your national athem into your phone and send it me: I will add it to my post. If you don’t want it here, then put it on YOUR blog and post it. Let’s go around the world and show the NWO, WEF, CFR Davos elite [who want to tear down what each of our countries built up over centuries] so a few bankers can acquire even MORE control than they already have, like a huge hydra with multiple venemous heads! Lord, spare us such an outcome.

God Bless America by Rose Ferreri, sung acapella 4/26/2021

God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above

From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home

God bless America, my home sweet home

Covid and Freemasonry: NWO #33 used repeatedly

These links were found on the first TWO pages of google when you type in the words: “33 cases of covid.” There are many, many more on pages 3-17. The New World Order = Agenda 21 = The Great Reset= WEF= Davos= Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

UGA reports 33 cases:

Sweden registers 8,304 new COVID-19 cases, 33 deaths on Thursday

Green River District reports 33 new COVID-19 cases

N.J. reports 33 COVID deaths, 2,993 cases. Virus transmission rate drops

Oregon reports 33 more COVID-19 related deaths, 3 in Central Oregon; 544 new cases

Michigan Reports 7,955 New COVID-19 Cases, 33 Deaths Wednesday

Kern Country Public Health reports 33 new Covid 19 cases

Massachusetts Covid 19 Dashboard, 33 new deaths

SC reports 571 new COVID-19 cases, 33 more deaths Saturday

Nearly three dozen COVID-19 variant cases are in Alachua County. Here’s what we know.

Maharashtra: Thane records 5,566 new Covid-19 cases, 33 deaths in a day

3 days ago — WACO, Texas – 33 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in McLennan County. There is now a total of 26439 cases. [This page has gone 404 since being posted,why?] showing they are hiding the truth]

Clark County records 33 new COVID-19 cases as 14-day case total rise

Harrison County reports 33 new cases, no new fatalities from COVID-19 in past week

Niagara County has 33 new COVID-19 cases, total of 257 active cases

Skiatook has 33 active cases of COVID-19, Sperry has

Oregon reports 33 deaths, 544 new COVID-19 case

Turkey becomes the 33rd county:

Brown County Public Health reported 33 new laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases Tuesday

33 new cases of COVID-19 in Plymouth schools

Dec. 24, 2020 COVID-19 Update: 129 New Cases (79 O‘ahu, 33 Maui, 13 Hawai‘i Island, 1 Kaua‘i, 3 Out-of-State)

Monday COVID-19 Update: Summit County Reports 33 New Cases, Wasatch County Reports 35

33 new cases of COVID reported in Steuben County

Chippewa County adds 33 new COVID-19 cases Monday, 991 cases still active

Canada reports 33 Covid Cases

This one jumps right to 33 STATES:

The times has come for us to question the synchronized messaging we are hearing!

There is no doubt in my mind that elites are mocking us not just with the use of 33 but with their song and dance acts. The first was in London at the 2012 Games, dancing nurses and demons overhead:

We see this again with nurses dancing, despite the “dangers of Covid” in empty hospital hallways. So much time to kill, they have made up choreographed routines. The thought is revolting and with drone footage it really is so far over the top of anything that could possibly be considered “honoring the dead.”

The Great Reset/Gross Regret did begin in the UK… with Prince Charles and Klaus Schwab. Let’s put 2 + 2 together, shall we?

Complete with HD drone footage!!

Worst crisis ever!

Originally tweeted by Ian Prittie 🌷financial bubble MC (@thereds8) on April 16, 2021.

Cancel Culture Has No Place in a Civilized Society

I have noticed that applications on job boards I once considered “professional” now include a demand to know your graduation date [ageism], a demand to know your preferred pronoun [he/him, she/her or they/them], a demand to know if you have a disability, despite Hippa privacy laws that protect your medical information, and a demand to know if your employer will have to make any special accommodations if they hire you [deferential treatment]. In every way, they appear to be, as Dr. Seuss would say: “Picking a PECK of SNIDE, in a dark and gloomy snide bush almost nine miles wide.”

What in the world are they so afraid of?

Channeling the wit of Dorothy Parker, I have decided to omit my graduation date from all applications, because they shouldn’t be asking for it; as for my preferred pronoun, I have been sorely tempted to use the ambigious “they” and the nickname Legion. However, as former English teacher, the term looks like an invitation to hire people with multiple personality disorders; I am frankly not certain what they are trying to achieve with “them/they/theirs” as an option. Worse yet, with the red * you do not have a option to refrain from answering. That seems to infringe on my right to privacy. In the end, it is best to be honest with PR and on applications, so I say: Yes, I am a woman and I use the terms “she/her/hers.” What else would I use?

In reality, a person’s gender should have absolutely nothing to do with a work offer. I don’t need to know your sexual proclivities, and you are certainly not “entitled” to mine...or my hobbies, my photo, my age, my religion, my voting record, or the reasoning behind why I chose to keep my own last name when I married. Only in 2021 would a work application have gender selection hyper-sensitivity, while at the same time saying it’s non-discrimatory!

SAMPLE with red asterisk

It would behoove all employers to do the obvious in 2021:

#1. DON’T text message applicants unless they agree to be texted and do not text them in the evening or on a weekend unless they have agreed to off-hour meetings. You give the impression that your future employee will be required to be accessible to you 24-7 and he/she will have no family life. That’s not a good first impression.

#2. DO write a job description that is focused on skills not gender. Avoid rambling 10-paragraph descriptions. Don’t make applicants take ridiculous personality tests and skills tests on Indeed. Time is money for you and them. If you cannot make a decision based upon an online portfolio of work and references, you should not be in a hiring position.

#3. DON’T write a job description that requires 20 years of experience and vast knowledge of software and is labeled “entry level.” Don’t humilate yourself and look like a cheapskate.

#4. DON’T send a form letter with no signature. If you are this impersonal during hiring, what will you be like as an employer? Your indifference makes you look like a corporate prick.

#5. DON’T get caught up in gender identity politics or it will surely lead to a diversity/inclusivity lawsuit.

#6. DON’T demand a photo; you could be charged with cherry-picking by age, sex and gender.

#7. DO take your old ads off job boards; leaving them on makes your company look like they are a swinging door that cannot hold on to employees and has to constantly put a warm body in to replace someone who has angrily left after 2 months.

#8. DO call at the agreed upon time, not late. Set 30 minutes aside and don’t take incoming calls at the same time. Have someone else answer your phone or go into VM. Respect your future employee’s time as much as you do your own. Anticipate that your potential employee is working FT and this may be your only opportunity to talk to him or her. If you have to constantly reschedule a simple phone call, you are too busy to be in HR.

#9. DON’T call potential employees 3+ months after they have sent in their resume tailored to your job offering and expect them to yet be available. Your exhaustive hiring policy may work for you, but it is losing you top talent. Nobody of quality waits around that long.

#10. DO post your salary range online; there is no point in hiding your budget and collecting quality applicants who are surprised by your minimum wage job. If you are not forthright about your salary range now, what will it be like when it’s time for a raise? Will you be equally as evasive? That’s what I would be thinking!

#11. Check your ratings online employers; if your past employees are leaving negative reviews about corporate, it doesn’t matter who you have in HR, you will always get slim pickings. The days of one-sided hiring are over. Employees can work with anyone anywhere in the world. If you only see profit going one way up the ladder to the CEO and VP, you do not deserve to be successful. Your employees can make or break you.

As for Twitter and FB’s, censorship of Republican posts, I hope both are left with nothing but pants when all is said and done; my husband and I will join a class action suit against them for suppressing free speech during the 2020 election and on social media in 2021. Cancel culture has absolutely NO PLACE in a civilized society. Four Twitter accounts have been suspended for saying what’s on this blog. I was the first to blow the whistle on the connection between Fauci, Baric at UNC-Chapel Hill and Shi Zhengli. Will I stop? No, this is the moment for which I was born and the TRUTH will be known, not shoved under a rug. To date, I have gone by @thenewuswoman, @spitfiresicili1, @freespeechlady1, @ECMarketingLady, and I don’t plan to stop and succomb to censorship by Twitter during this COUP on our democracy by those in favor of The Great Reset. The harder they fight to suppress free speech, the harder I multiple my efforts and download items I know they want to delete and make go 404 [page not found]. Totalitarianism will not win on my watch. Download items to your computer before they are lost and SHARE THEM.

The New World Order trend in 2022 will be to divorce the hiring practice from the personal touch, allowing robotic “analytics” to pick employees. But then, the code used will mean everything, won’t it? Who is going to choose which values matter most and least?

Stolen Election

Coming soon in winter of 2021, my new book, Stolen Election, which describes a couple who are older, patriotic nationalists who are forced to endure the liberal takeover of their county by a New World Order who doesn’t value our US Constitution, Bill of Rights or the right to bear arms.