The Taliban and the WEF: Two Peas in a Pod: Totalitarian and Oppressive

Today, I am going to draw a parallel between the patriarchal group called the Taliban and the patriarchal group called “the Davos Man.” The Taliban do not like western society’s values nor does the WEF and both have a “we know best” mindset when it comes to running the world.  The problem is simply this: they force those ideas upon an unwilling populace, without so much as a “may we?” in their dialogue.

The Taliban feel they are right in oppressing women and children and they are just about as wrong as can be in their unyielding opinion.  Women are not possessions. They are living, breathing beings created by God to do marvelous things. The World Economic Forum feels the same about women and children, who it sees are better raised by hermaphrodites and born using a new technology called CRISPR, so they are practically perfect. The WEF will replace the family as we know it for an “anyone can be a mother or father” mindset, and that diminishes women’s unique role given to them by God.

Seventy-six percent of attendants at the World Economic Forum are men, a fact that is not lost on the many women who have been whistleblowers to their depopulation plan, namely Jane Burgermeister and Michelle Sterling.  “Davos Men” are arrogant and have, frankly, many views that are disturbing, including replacing teachers and the police with robots by the year 2025.

Both groups are adamant like mules that dig in their heels and refuse to move. The WEF says those who are dancers will become cyber coders in the future, “they just don’t know it yet.” I really don’t know too many dancers who aspire to sit in front of a computer. Do you? The Taliban bans music for reasons entirely unknown. The human voice is used to call people to prayers, and surely it is an instrument too!

But, the truth is the changes they want are not “for the good for society” and that has much to do with leaving a goodly part of the population out—those called WOMEN and children. Women are not near-sighted; they don’t plunder the planet, as men do, or revere money to the same extent. This is why men try to keep them out of politics and out of board rooms. [Psst… you weren’t supposed to know that.]

The Great Reset is a Gross Regret by any standard of measurement. Denigrating police to install robotic surveillance systems may appeal to the “Davos Man,” but the 99% would prefer human interaction when in trouble, I believe. A green powdered plant-based diet gives me the runs just thinking about it as a mainstay, and I definitely would not prefer to use a 3-D printer to make a steak rather than eat one from a cow allowed to roam the range.

I would like us all to keep in mind that Nikki Haley, former Ambassador to the UN, did warn us that the United Nations which joined with the WEF was anti-Christian and determined to fund Muslim extremists. She approached Trump and told him that Kelly and Tillerson had authorizing $60 million of our tax payer dollars –without the permission of the president, going behind his back—to the UNRWA to favor Palestinian children. That, in fact, is why they were both fired in 2018. We must work to remove those who put the wants of nations hostile to the US on the front burner and put Americans and those who support the birthplace of Christ last. [Last piece of information is from “Changing the Culture”  page 153, With All Due Respect: Defending America with Grit and Grace by Nikki R. Haley.]

The mural on the wall at the Denver airport now makes much more sense, if you consider recent events. We have a Nazi figure, who I assume is Klaus Schwab, with a Muslim sword…buildings are in a state of destruction which is “build back better.” He is wearing a gas mask due to COVID. There is a very evident LGBQT rainbow in the background which is part of the WEF transgenderism plan; children of color are the only ones to survive to start a New World Order with a new religion planned that will look much like Aztec or Mayan child sacrifice. It is titled oddly, “Peace and Harmony” but all of the animals are dead and there are two caskets in the painting. The only question that remains is: Is this the world you envision as nirvana/heaven? for it sure looks like HELL to me!

So, like all former classroom teachers, I have put together a handy chart to show you that the two groups—Taliban and WEF—are two branches from the same tree, lopsided because they emphasize only the male and diminish the female.

With leadership comes responsibility, men. You’ve had 4,000 years in which you were to figure out how to use it your power and you have done nothing but abuse it. How will women ever trust your leadership skills, when you have failed so abysmally…for so very long?

Time to Poke the Hornet’s Nest

by Spitfire Sicilian

The time has come for conservatives to face up to the reality that their opponents have no intention of playing by any rules close to fairness and honesty to win. Using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, they feel that the end justifies the means; therefore, rioting, looting, arson, engaging in criminal behavior are acceptable to them, if it achieves a one-world, globalist, no borders model. The time has finally arrived, fifty years in the making, to say, “You are engaged in a COUP on our democracy and this action is the action of a traitor, not a patriot.” For one-and-a-half years now, we have allowed the so-named “woke” who  have never served in the military, have no respect for law and order, to rule the day. They have pushed their progressive ideology upon the majority, who cannot understand how those who have barely worked and are still living with their parents can be so disrespectful. The only thing systemic has been their puerility and demand to remain in an infantile status where everything is done for them while they sit at a computer and code from day’s dawning until day’s end. Their self-deception and sense of self-righteousness far exceed any actual productivity they have achieved and their sense of entitlement is so thick you can barely cut a knife through it. They blame everyone and everything for their lack of success, while spending a majority of their time playing with a fart app. Never once do their consider that perhaps it is the nose rings and tattoos across their necks, the ear lobes hanging twice the usual length, and their preference for not bathing and combing their hair that is the real issue. Dressing in sweatpants and thongs, so both cheeks obviously jiggle, they appear to have come from a gym, but their body shape tells the opposite story;  they look too frail to even pick up a 10 pound dumb bell or too obese to have moved more than a fork. It’s an illusion of work, like the pre-dirtied blue jeans with holes that also make them appear to be in the construction industry and oversized trucks that never carry lumber and are strictly for show. They demand to redefine beauty as obesity, with half their head shaved and the other long, as if this somehow makes them superior to those who work out and get a traditional haircut. Plus, they demand we accept their belligerence as the “new normal” when it is entirely dysfunctional and unacceptable. On many days it’s like watching a two year old throw a tantrum and demand a cookie right before dinner!

There is no doubt the Democrat party has put on a big show in 2020, pretending to be the party of the common man, when they are in actuality behind some of the biggest conglomerations in entertainment, they control our media, fund pharmaceuticals, control political outcomes with voting machines that can add and subtract votes so they always win, and dictate the use of technology. They are power hungry and insatiable. It is Bill Clinton who built prisons and split up American families offering drugs brought in from Mexico as the carrot. It is Hollywood that has corrupted families offering fare that is infantile,  frightening, or dysfunctional. It is technology that has pushed porn into homes, unavoidably printed on the sides of online newspapers and popping up as ads on cell phone games. It is Obama who, during his course of spying on the enemy, also allowed the spying on average citizens and then dumped that data prior to Trump taking office. It is Obama that caused all of us to have to purchase Norton 360 or Bitdefender and cybersecurity software for the workplace, plus a team of IT to handle the daily onslaught of hacks. Make no doubt,  those cyberattacks were planned to force us to accept totalitarian surveillance ala 1984 Big Brother “for our own good.”

So, I’m going to poke the hornet’s nest today and say the following. The Democrats have become the party of the following:

#1. The Party of Racism: CRT does not teach equality, it favors one POC.  It erases everything MLK stood for; he wanted one big family, not blacks oppressing whites.

$2. The Party of Sexual Perversion: there are two genders, not 58 flavors. Gender surgery is abnormal, especially when done to children. Transhumanism is a sci-fi fantasy and should be left such.

#3. The Party of Crime: It is a fact that sanctuary cities harbor criminals. Nobody is beyond the reach of the law in the USA. Cities that harbor criminals must be shut down and reassigned to better leaders.

#4. The Party of Disease: Commercials advertising drugs around the clock on the TV are not wellness care. Lawyers have made a killing in class action lawsuits and only seem to care when they profit, like monkey in the middle.

#5. The Party of Chaos: Black Lives Matter fomented violence, as did Defund the Police.  No Borders is actually willful invasion, not at all a simple “crisis” which would be a brownout from too much energy usage.

#6. The Party of Sexism: There are more women who have gone to college and are entrepreneurs today than at any point in history. Only in the Clinton Foundation are women paid less than men who do identical work for them. Women make 70-80% of all purchasing decisions in the USA and anyone in the service industry knows they control the purse.

#7. The Party of Lawbreakers: Obama created a Patriot Act which spied on US citizens, an unlawful HC Mandate; Biden is mandating masks and fake vaccines,  the Democrats under diversity are creating unlawful employer hiring practices that discriminate against conservatives and whites.

#8. The Party of Scandals: Whitewater, Bengazi, the Standard Hotel deaths of owners and those raped, Uranium One, Hunter’s Laptop—these are all evidence of “the end justifies the means.” They have been funded by those who are known sex offenders and it bothers them not in the least.

#9. The Party of Mad Scientists: they allowed the creation of a chimeric, virulent virus by Dr. Fauci. Then,  despite a moratorium, allowed the NIH to move the study to Wuhan. They discussed its release at Event 201 and the coming shut down of the economy in great detail, while planning 23 variants with the WEF.

#10. The Party of Ghouls: Encouraging late term abortions so babies can be pulled out of the mother and used for the experimental CRISPR program is demonic. Changing the human genome is amoral. Bioethicists are nowhere to be found, censored like all real news about “The Great Reset.”

#11. The Party of Graft: 501C’s run by Democrats have been used for political gain; slush funds do not deserve non-profit status.

#12. The Party of Liars: The Steele Dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton who was a sore loser; she was also trying to hide her Uranium One deal where Bill made $500K in speaker’s fees and she gave away 20% of US uranium to Russia. The only ones who have colluded with Russia have been the Democrats. The Ukraine quid pro quo alone, should have made that “son of a bitch” Biden ineligible to run for office.  

The small but vocal group of woke who claim conservatives are xenophobic and racist need to be stung by a hornet’s nest of angry conservatives. The goal of conservatives must be to obstruct every attempt progressives make to change the USA into a communist/socialist entity for the benefit of bankers, technocrats, and those with a vested interest in products they can sell under the umbrella of “climate change,” such as those who make robot police and robot teachers. All of those contracts are currently held in Dem-led states.  Most people don’t know the WEF wants to eliminate 85 MILLION JOBS by 2025 and have robots do a majority of the work, while the remaining few, who have survived their planned variants, stay home and cyber code their own robot replacement. It’s all laid out in Klaus Schwab’s ridiculous little pamphlet called “The Great Reset.” Event 201 never made our US news, but that is where they “practiced” the release with the China CDC present! Davos, where the elite have been meeting for 50 years to plot this nefarious plan, has never once been a news story in the MSM owned by Democrats.

The truth about the progressives is they are ruthless with ambition, and far from being “for the people”; they use language like “deplorables” to let you know how truly low you rank on the totem pole.  You are expendable. You are there to serve them.  Many, far too many,  have been duped into thinking they will be taken care of, oddly enough by the very people trying to divorce them from their property and few remaining possessions! Meanwhile, they sit back and laugh at your trusting nature. You have been told the plan: “You will own nothing and rent everything.” Build back better first starts with chaos and destruction of all cities; then it proceeds by unleashing a virus to get to a population of 500 million, followed by a dystopian land ruled by an oligarchy of bankers, AI wizards, plus robots. Put all of the sci-fi books you’ve ever read in a blender and that’s the world they envision is “better.”

Let’s get real now. Racism was actually started in Democrat states in the South, not by conservatives in the North. The statues progressives want to tear down, their own regressive Democrat leaders put up! The inner city crime wave with blacks killing blacks is happening primarily in Democrat states, like Illinois, where Saul Alinsky’s  “chaos akin to Satan” methodology was born.  Do you know that Alinsky’s intro to Rules for Radicals gives honor to Satan’s underhanded methods? Keep in mind the Democrats had much to lose in 2020, if they did not win. Hillary lied to Congress about her illegal server, exposed classified secrets to America’s enemies, then destroyed the evidence with bleachbit. Hillary had to cover up Anthony Weiner exposing himself, Pizzagate, and Podesta’s pedo/ritualistic rape “art” collection. People were whistleblowers to the Democrat Party’s crimes have been knocked off, in a Mafioso style, just as they had been knocked off to hide Bill’s sexual escapades.  Nobody on this planet thinks Epstein actually killed himself; he was killed because Democrats in high places had to cover up acts of pedophilia on his island, in his jet and in his Manhattan home. The truth is their plan is destined to fail; it’s is a rehashing of the Fabian Society. You cannot use EVIL means to accomplish GODLY aims. It just doesn’t work like that.  Conservatives need to able to stand up to them and say: We don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Jesus called men who led people astray “Vipers.” And, if you will recall, he took his time braiding a long rope to whip some sense into those who were extortionists in a temple. My Jesus is not a push over, nor should his people be. He was not walking around with a lamb under one arm and children at his feet 24-7; he was a man on a mission to upset the apple cart. In fact, that’s why he was killed. The story of Mary and Martha explains his intention to put women on an equal plane with men. Who was doing the better work? The one in the kitchen, fretting about meal preparation? Or the one learning about God?   I have written an entire book about the women of the Bible who watched the male leaders really muck things up; so, they defied manmade laws and saved society. Guess what? They were called “blessed.” The Bible would be a short novella, if Puah and Shiprah had not thumbed their nose at a king’s order to mass exterminate babies. Think about that for a moment. You are not just called to bear witness to inhumanity and sit silently waiting for God to act. You were put on this planet to be His hands and feet and do His will, so, for heaven’s sake, start doing it!

 Stir up the hornet’s nest. Give it a good POKE!

Here are some scandals to make them revisit:

  1. Podesta “artwork”:
  2. NIH Horror Story about Fetuses: ‘American Horror Story’: Memos show NIH paid university to deliver fetuses intact, remove organs | Just The News
  3. Meri Crowley about Illuminati:
  4. Clinton campaign mischief:
  5. WEF: The World Economic Forum Talks About “Mind Control Using Sound Waves” | The Vigilant Citizen

6. Ed Buck and Adam Schiff:

7. The Black Eye Club:

8. Event 201:

9. 23 PLANNED variants, on top of covid made in a lab…

The Gross Reshape: The Deformed, Dystopian Plot called The Great Reset

In reading 2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything by Mauro Guillen, it is impossible to avoid his tone that more than implies we have no choice, prior or after, the “collision” to come. He makes no apologies for impending globalist plans to destroy capitalism and nationalism in one fell swoop; this is presented as inevitable, uncontestable, set in granite.  Not only will the  US lose its identity; all countries will be reformed into a nebulous something “better.”

But, when one looks at the “something better” to come– really takes it out of the dark shadows and puts it under a bright disinfecting light–one quickly discovers it does not benefit the 99% one iota; it solely benefits the 1% at the very top of the food chain. Only the top bankers and robot makers, only the 3-D printer manufacturers and the electric car producers, only high speed rail manufacturers and those want to build tiny homes of cement, only those who play around with the genome and think they can invent a better human being…will actually benefit. For the 99%, it is a dystopian hell that calls for mass extermination to get back to an artificial “perfect number” of 500 million they feel is what our planet needs to survive; that is 6.7 million people who are” reduced” to get to their version of nirvana, which calls for an “army of robots” to replace humans. Sophia’s Creator Plans an ARMY of Robots in 2021:

                We have all seen an “escalation of commitment” regarding vaccines that is not in keeping with actual, recorded deaths from covid, since every ailment under the sun has been lumped under that category! Escalation of commitment occurs when faux scientists paid by drug companies double down on their messaging regardless of who is harmed and demand compliance regardless of health history. I think we can all agree on the following:  those in charge much resemble mules at a county fair who refuse to come out in the ring to be critiqued for specimen perfection. We hear their braying daily.

                We also know the World Economic Forum, or as I like to call them the World Economic Folly, met in October of 2019 to playact an “unexpected” release of a bat virus; let that sink in for a minute. They also playacted, with painstaking detail, every aspect of our economic breakdown, including the lack of PPE. You should know they have playacted other calamities, for the fun of it, involving a cyber attack that makes our nuclear power plants implode and a small pox release too. These are people we need to keep an eye on, and their” by invitation only” meetings need to be attended by citizen whistleblowers.

It is time we addressed these “actors” before they unleash another round of variants, for the Delta variant is far from the last of them, as you will see below in the slideshow. They plan to keep this pandemic going well into 2023. And, don’t forget, those made ill from the vaccine are an additional perk to the vaccine companies who are also planning “remedies” for those side effects, called “boosters.” Meanwhile they cannot  and will not be held liable, according to the Biden administration.

                The following book about CRISPR is also a must-read and explains why Democrats are so very onboard abortion, for live fetal cells are required to create “humanized mice.” Our very own FDA was caught selling fresh never frozen baby body parts for this very purpose. A second must-read book is the one I’ve just mentioned: 2030.

I wish I had better news to give you about their intentions, but  I hope my cautionary warning gives you the “heads up!” our MSM refuses to share on air time. Unlike Guillen, I don’t believe The Great Reset is inevitable and I do not accept this deformed, misshapen CRISPR freak they want to give birth to as the “new normal.” I will not “update my priors” to walk into that world in a PC manner.

The Biden-Schwab B.S. Plan: You won’t like it.

The Biden-Schwab “BS Plan” for 2021= The Fabian Agenda Repackaged

  1. Undermine USA, destroying  borders to the north, south, east and west…denigrating all who post the US flag, veterans in particular are targeted for being loyal to the USA.
  2. Undermine the traditional family, destroy the words used to describe mother, father, son and daughter so the only allegiance is to the WEF and there is no language that describes the former values.
  3. Undermine education, remove the pledge of allegiance, remove actual US history, remove boy/girl distinctions so a fake sense of “equality” is created.
  4. Make pedophilia a lifestyle choice, so Biden and many others on the hill don’t go to jail…
  5. Destroy the meat industry, so plant-based is the only option. Promote eating bugs for “protein.”
  6. Destroy the human soul, by removing any belief in God, to be replaced by allegiance to the WEF.
  7. Promote impotence via sex change surgery under rationale of “climate change demands fewer people.” Force one-child only on remainder. Move to no partner plan, no marriages of any kind, so the only allegiance is to the WEF.
  8. Promote moving to a megacity, so the rest of the US can be used by the WEF. They know people will not all be able to afford electric cars, so they will put in fast trains and force people to use them by making gas too expensive.
  9. Destroy the construction industry, making lumber escalate in price, so the only option is cement high rises/megacities.
  10. Promote cybercoding of robots, a “build your own replacement” model, “reskill rethink reboot” plan  created by the UN in 1950 for unveiling in 2021.
  11. Destruction of all things private, no more privacy of thought action and deed.  They will fake a cyber attack that has “covid-like characteristics” to justify putting up cameras on every street corner and in every business.
  12. Use of CRISPR, a program to change the human genome and reduce humans to no more than machines with interchangeable body parts. This requires use of fetal tissue, which is why abortion up to 9 months must be tolerated.
  13. Vaccination for depopulation purposes, rather than extermination camps, mRNA altering vaccines that modify the human genome and can be directed to cause deaths to support the artificial number the WEF thinks should inhabit the planet.
  14. Use of the MSM for enforcing only authorized narratives that support the UN and WEF aims. All other will be censored and the internet will be sponged clean of opposing viewpoints that go  404 page not found.
  15. Keep up a pretense that VOTING is by the people. The continued use of voting machines that can reverse votes to support the agenda of the WEF/UN originally called Agenda 21 but now called  The Great Reset
  16. Three-D food printers will be made and we will all be forced to use them, rather than eating organic fruits and vegetables. This plant based diet will be enforced by monitoring the sewage system.
  17. Empty churches, make people dependent upon leaders, not GOD.
  18. Sexualize children: make them accept homosexuality, pansexuality and sex at an early age.
  19. Promote alcohol, which is why package stores stayed open during the pandemic.
  20. Create chaos-foment racism and separate people so they don’t consider uniting against the NWO.
  21. Make the masses dependent upon the state for everything necessary for life.

Fauci and the CRISPR program will be revealed in the news in the coming weeks. What is CRISPR? Remaking the human genome, in other words a mad scientist plan that uses baby body parts [obtained from aborted fetuses] to create an artificial human that is “perfect” which is why Democrats favor late term abortions. Fauci is paid $417K annually; he is the highest paid “government servant” and all those on the hill have been allowing him to funnel money, our tax dollars, into CRISPR. Even our FDA [Food and Drug Administration] was involved buying fresh, never frozen BABY parts; only Judical Watch sought the truth: