America First, Made in America: The Trump Plan will Prevail over the Globalist Mischief in Media and Politics!

My husband and I spend the first hour of each day reading and discussing politics. I watch c-span for an hour and he reads the news online and we compare narratives over a cup of coffee, while identifying the birds that fly to one of our five feeders in the backyard. During Covid-19 we have missed going to the gym to work out; aside from the exercise and natural increase in endorphins, it gave us the opportunity to watch five news channels at one time and observe the “spinning of news” moments after actual events occurred. Not a single station used full quotes; every single one of them bent the facts into a pretzel.

In just our lifetime, since my birth in 1961 and his in 1957,  we’ve seen actual news become faux-news or pseudo-event making due to the 24 hour news cycle. There used to be a point and counter point model, with multiple views shown and discussed, and now there is just a very narrow agenda on repeat with every station. Neither of us trust what we are hearing; it all deeply resembles the movie “Wag the Dog.” Nevertheless, we listen to it to hear exactly what is being planned next…and then follow the money to see who will benefit. We think of it as a modern detective story—a who dunnit? It would be nice to pin the problems of our nation on one party alone, but we have two factions that bear continual watching: Globalist Liberals and Neo-conservatives who are hawks focused on profit made from endless wars under the guise of “nationbuilding.” Their JOINT globalist agenda is a new phenomenon started in 1997 with the birth of the NWO:  and

This next election is a critical one. I know we’ve heard that said before, but this time, it’s actually true. We have never before seen the wizards behind the curtain to such an extent as in this election. Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives are on hyper alert, having failed at their coup to overthrow Trump and skew the vote BEFORE the election. Remember Adam Schiff’s wild-eyed fear in his opening statement? It should be translated as: We need to impeach Trump BEFORE the election; we cannot allow the American people to go to the ballot box and vote in his favor a second term, for that will put a kibosh on our globalist agenda.

Having failed at their faux impeachment, built upon false information obtained illegally by the previous administration [which should, in fact, be called treason], Liberals and Neo-conservatives inadvertently called even more attention to Biden’s quid pro-quo—his no holds barred admission that he forced the Ukraine to give Hunter a job: Interviews with a half-dozen senior Ukrainian officials confirm that pressure was applied over several months in late 2015 and early 2016, not just six hours of one dramatic day. BIDEN said: ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money…Well, son of a bitch, he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time,” Biden told the Council on Foreign Relations, indicating President Obama was in on the threat. “Solid” should be read as: he was replaced with a stooge to do our bidding. Largely unbeknownst to the general public, executives and top journalists of almost all major US news outlets have long been members of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). So, when Biden said this at the CFR meeting, I am guessing it was with their approval; the audience and presenters were certainly laughing!

Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives have tried to turn this virus into a reason to halt the economy and take what has been a fiscally sound four years and bankrupt the USA.  What is their ultimate purpose? To lead the people into a New World Order that embraces globalism and rejects all things Made in America and any attempt to put America first. Their goal is to foment wars abroad for the faux purpose of “nationbuilding,” forcing countries to accept the puppet leader of their choice who will allow them to advance the goals of a handful of corporate sponsors whose names are always carefully hidden. These sponsors scream “conspiracy theory” every time the curtain sways to reveal their activity, but we are not the wingnuts. They are. Their agenda is designed to destroy what makes the USA and every other country unique.

Let us be clear these Globalists by two different names, hiding in both parties, do not consider themselves Americans; they are businessmen without borders, with no allegiance to ANY country. They see themselves as beyond the scope of any nation’s law. Their money goes into offshore accounts and foundations which they call “non-profits” to evade taxes. Globalists despise “nationalism” which looks out for the American people’s interest first and foremost. Considerable time is spent by both groups to convince you that you are either a racist or a xenophobe if you want key industries to return to the USA, with products made on US soil, employing Americans. I want France to be France First, and Italy to be Italy First and so forth–every country, separate and unique, preserving what is best about their heritage in one grand experiment on this planet.

Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives work together to remake other countries in our image, while giving our own country the freedom of self-determination. Every country should have the right to self-determination to form their own government, follow the faith of choice not adopt ours, and try out their own unique business model. After all, the USA still has not passed the ERA, leaving 50% of its population [women] making less than men; I don’t see that we have any standing to preach about freedom or parity until we do!

Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives have taken over our news stations so you and I can only hear ONE message no matter which TV station is on, brainwashing the masses into a narrative that says “global is best” and “nationalism [formerly known as patriotism] is selfish.” The term “nation building” has been used by them because saying “this action will involve years of blood and lives of our young men and women” is too reprehensible, and even more so when the agenda is to make over another country for the sole purpose of advancing the prosperity of a few at the very top income bracket.

Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives thought up NAFTA and more than 950,000 specific U.S. jobs have been certified by the U.S. Labor Department to have been “lost to NAFTA outsourcing and import floods”:

Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives thought making China our sole source of PPE and pharmaceutical drugs would make them the most profit; we see the consequences of their myopic thinking today with fellow Americans put at risk, unable to find or take Covid-19 tests and shortages of PPE in every state due to a focus on shareholder profit touted by a “for-profit healthcare market” with prevention stockpiling deemed “wasteful spending.” Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives put a lot of resources into eugenics studies aka population control…they dare to call those in the blue collar industries “despicables”[Clinton] and “just farmers who put seeds in the ground, which anyone can do”[Bloomberg]. To protect their agenda they favor spying on Americans [a Biden-made plan] and play acting pandemic scenarios without sharing the information with the general public [Event 201 in NY, Oct. 18, 2019]:

Both Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives want all of the world’s countries to be entangled in one massive hydra that is “too big to fail” so it cannot and will not ever be held accountable! We saw this in 2008 with the banking fiasco and mortgage-backed securities and we see it today with national secrets being sold to the highest bidder by our very own universities who allow espionage to occur right under their noses: Read these two articles: and [The previous link I had has already gone 404: page not found. Rest assured, I will continue to add more, if these two are deleted online, as well.]

Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives would prefer our American products be made abroad in sweatshops, then priced higher and sold back to us, as if they were made in the USA, pocketing the difference between shareholders and CEOs to be put it in offshore accounts to evade US taxes or non-profit foundations to also evade taxes. One of their least favorite words is “protectionism” which ensures Americans make a living wage and trade is truly fair whenever we do interact with other countries. Food scarcity at the elementary school level is a direct result of their deliberate decision to leave children behind in “No Child Left Behind.” As we see, children are bereft of internet and computers in 2020 when they needed them most; Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives intent was to denigrate teachers, disembowel the public school system, privatize it, allow the CEOs of charter and private schools to raise the rates so high only the brats of wealthy brats could attend. Apparently the rest will be forced into child labor or left to become pickpockets like “Oliver.” Globalist Liberals and Conservative Neo-Conservatives expend a lot of resources targeting those they consider “despicables” for the military. Note their constant marketing to NASCAR watchers, but never polo and rugby players. Ever wonder why? Think about it.

There have been a no middle of the road centrist options for years now. We have only had the two extremes, until Trump. And, THIS is the real reason he is being ripped apart by all of the news stations which are owned and managed by both Liberal Globalists and Neo-conservatives: President Trump does not go along with the globalist agenda and cannot be coerced or bribed into accepting it. He is rightfully calling out the news as FAKE, but I would prefer he be utterly ruthless and say it’s PROPAGANDA, for that is what it truly is. No, he is not as polished a performer as the former “Hope and Change” President, but then again, we have not been lied to or been put in the middle of a 17 year war, have we? Trump has also not said he is “good at killing people” like Obama:

It’s time we woke up from our deep slumber—and fixation on the next shiny new carrot they dangle in front of us with commercials—and realized we have been duped by the master of PR—a man named Edward L. Bernays:

“The minority [that is, masterminds or elites] have discovered a powerful help influencing majorities. It has been found so possible to mold the mind of the masses that they will throw their newly gained strength in the desired direction. Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”~Bernays

President Trump is not liked for showing us behind the curtain where the media moguls reside who shape the FAKE news narrative the American people are told to digest without question on a daily basis. He has been the first since JFK to show the people the invisible government behind the visible. THIS is the reason he so frequently FIRES people who are in his administration;  he refuses to tolerate policy wonks who are anti-American and pro-Globalist. In fact, the Neo-cons and Liberals Globalists are so afraid of losing their main means of income—endless wars—they tried to form a COUP to undermine him the day after his inauguration. Unable to unseat him, Covid-19 has now appeared out of the blue just months before the election. Apparently, we are not supposed to see any connection between this virus and their insistence the economy stay shutdown and tank, nor recognize their endgame— to snap up American homes and businesses for pennies on the dollar!

In sum, we have only two options in the next election: Biden, who will quite possibly be propped up in the corner like the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” while globalists pull the strings…or President Trump, who stated from his first day in office he was out to drain both the media and political swamp on both sides of the aisle… and has repeatedly stated he puts America First, wants Made in America to come back, and says if we do choose to trade with CHINA… it has to be favorable to the American citizens, with patents in our favor, not theirs!

We need to move forward with America First, ensuring Americans are put in jobs in America at a living wage. We need to become ardent nationalists proud of THIS nation, not just on national holidays…with much fanfare, flag waving and fireworks, but in our public policy. We need to focus on Made in the USA 2025, not Made Overseas 2025. We were still doing that when I was in high school 1975-1979 and I still remember this tune being sung in 1978.

We need to sing it loudly and proudly as we move forward!

Book Reviews for May 2020


Velvet Rope“What makes envy so destructive is the insidious way we’ve normalized it.”—Ron Carucci

As dismaying as The Velvet Rope Economy by Nelson D. Schwartz is to read–and it is that–the full extent of our US caste system is divulged in all of its ugliness. As our society moves farther and farther from being meritorious and is based solely on “pay to play” we see parents trying to buy spots at Harvard for their children, put their kids on the boards of Ukraine companies while having no experience, wheel and deal with foreign agents and worse. The sense of entitlement by the 1%er’s is at the expense of basic services shared by the 99% and their fear of “socialism” is laughable; it’s the biggest smoke and mirrors magician act in town; if you look at the majority of bills passed in Congress and the money allocated [and I recommend you do so at], it’s going directly to those who are most wealthy in the form of government contracts, tax shelters, tax subsidies. The uber rich know which contracts will pass so they can all buy stock in the companies and ride the wave into profit heaven. This is a must read for all Americans. [Read full article on my blog: If I’m Not At All Envious of You, Will that Make You Unhappy?]


I found this little book on the cusp of the New Year’s start and found it very thought provoking. After being grateful that the author taught me how to pronounce Lykke,  I learned that the Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet. Believe it or not, their focus is not on wealth attainment and status, but upon giving others a leg-up and meeting community needs so joy can be had by all. Luxury cars with bling plates aren’t their highest aim, nor are Taj Mahal homes for two people, purchased solely to impress.

They somehow figured out that flaunting wealth in this manner is gauche and creating envy doesn’t actually increase happiness, but is a sign of dysfunction. And, just to be clear, they are firm believers in personal responsibility at the same time!

Read it. Who knows what may happen? You might even become a happier person by questioning the status quo. I smile just thinking about the fact that there exists a Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen that considers world happiness a worthwhile pursuit!


Say NO to the Communal Cup and Font

When Jesus walked the earth, his final act was to rip the curtain hanging in the temple and make communion with God accessible to all. No longer would it be in a specific place, nor at a specific altar, and it was not accompanied by any other rituals than the breaking of one’s own bread and drinking of one’s own glass of wine. As the final priest, communion no longer became an act for a “royal priesthood” to perform, but a daily act of gratitude performed at every meal,  by any who chose to accept his way of life. Jesus utterly changed the locus of control in 33 AD and that is the Good News too many have forgotten.

The Catholic Church has maintained that priests alone have the authority to administer communion and can deny it to whomever they choose to be unworthy. They are wrong on BOTH accounts.

No church has a God-given authority to deny anyone communion with God, not for their political views, not for using condoms, not for using the pill, not for where they worship or how they take communion. No church has the authority to keep you from GOD. You can have a glass of wine in your own home and find it blessed, if you allow it to become so.

Lastly, Jesus never once mentioned vials of “holy water” or dipping fingers in “holy water” fonts. This form of voodoo–warning off evil spirits– is not worthy of consideration.  Jesus said our salvation was in him alone, doing as he did, selling what we own and feeding and caring for the poor. FYI: It is a medical fact that holy water fonts and springs have been found to be  teeming with fecal matter, ie ecoli.

So stay safe, worship in private and serve communion to your own family as you were told to do.




Passage of the ERA: A Booklet to Lead us There

book cover

What will it take to pass the ERA? is a booklet designed to move the Women’s Movement forward to its next level–equal pay and equal representation in government.

Pictured is Deborah, judge, prophet and military leader. Her name means “honeybee” and she described as having been like the sun when it comes out in full strength, a spirited, fiery woman.” [Judges 5:31]

I have prepared this book to give you the strength of Rahab which means “fierceness”…the spirited sting of Deborah…and the tenacity of the Daughters of Zelophehad who demanded their rightful share and got it. Download and pass it on to all of the women you know for Mother’s Day:  What will it take to Pass the ERA

Fake News or Pseudo Events: When did News Gathering Turn into News Making?

Lately we have heard in the news much about “fake news.” I wondered when it started and was taken back to the year of my birth, 1961. Here is what Daniel Boorstin said in The Image: A Guide to Pseudo- Events  in America about 24-hour news.

“We used to believe there were only so many “events” in the world. If there were not many intriguing or startling consequences, it was not the fault of the reporter. He could not be expected to report what did not exist. Within the last one hundred years, however, and especially in the twentieth century, all this has changed. We expect the papers to be full off news. If there is no news visible to the naked eye, or to the average citizen, we still expect it to be there for the enterprising newsman. The successful reporter is one who can find a story, even if there is no earthquake or assassination or civil war. If he cannot find a story, then he must make one—by the questions he asks public figures, by the surprising human interest he unfolds from some commonplace event, or by the news behind the news. If all this fails…then he must give us a “think piece”—an embroidering of well-known facts, or a speculation about startling things to come.” He defined it as pseudo-events; we should define it as fake news with dark forebodings based on nothing in actuality, intended to create PR buzz. With ever more space to fill and round-the-clock news …news gathering turned into news making.”  

Unfreedom of the PressRecommended reading: Unfreedom of the Press by Mark R. Levin [2019]

Edward L. Bernays, the pioneer of Public Relations, went even further. He did not feel the masses were capable of rational, enlightened thinking, so he proposed newspaper men and women use propaganda, creating the event and then writing the story around it. “The minority [that is, masterminds or elites] have discovered a powerful help in fluencing majorities. It has been found so possible to mold the mind of the masses that they will throw their newly gained strength in the desired direction.” Now, “desired direction” is a questionable concept at best; whose direction is best and for what purpose, I would ask. He further states: “Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”

How fake news/pseudo events are created according to Edward L. Bernays:

It may well involve an event around which a story has been written to advance a particular agenda of the elite.

We, the American people, are going to have to pay particular attention to the names given to actions such as “humanitarian intervention” for they may well be pretexts for  paramilitaries to promote unfettered capitalism via repression of others abroad, in order to take control of resources like oil and obtain mining rights to high-grade copper, cobalt, gold and colatan [essential for electronic and cell phones].  We must investigate all claims made in support of any armed conflict to see who will actually benefit and ensure we are not doing far more harm than good.

We must not allow globalists [and they are on both sides of the aisle; the swamp is wide and deep] to justify unjust wars for purpose of planting leaders who will benefit certain industry sectors, undermining the very precepts of DEMOCRACY we espouse to have in our Constitution!

For too many years, and it goes back to post WWII,  we have trusted our news media for information and they have repeatedly let us down, doing what some are calling a “collective yawn,” when we needed them most; in the worst cases, they have persisted with a false narrative on purpose!

We must approach all news stories with a critical eye that demands the unvarnished TRUTH. And, that usually means we must follow the MONEY TRAIL.

GOP Vision: Troubling Fixation on Theocracy but Positive focus on Nationalism

Issue #1: Nationalism VS. Globalism

I will state from the onset that I am a NATIONALIST not a GLOBALIST. I do not want to create one “too big to fail” hydra that has tentacles in every government, with the ability to collapse the entire world. The attempt to consolidate wealth by globalists who think of themselves as beyond the laws of any country has been the source of all problems we see today. These wealthy few who control our world insert themselves into a foreign economy specifically to influence its politics and determine who will fail and who will succeed.

The following video shows what has happened due to a “globalist” mindset.

When I think of each nation, I like to think of them remaining independent with their own unique characteristics, not like the “witches brew” my Girl Scout Leaders made us create on a camping trip, by each putting one can of our favorite soup in the same pot. Not only didn’t it look good, it tasted horrid. It’s in each country’s best interest to remain independent, not link their monetary systems, so each can try this experiment called “government” without causing another’s to fail. 

For this reason, I find it hard, nearly impossible to believe, that there aren’t any US citizens who have ever dreamed of owning an aluminum or steel mill in the USA that Senator McConnell in KY would have had to turn to Russia to find one: I think any new businesses on American soil should be owned by Americans, with loyalties to America first, and profit sharing by American employees. And my hope is all other countries do the same.

Trump has acknowledged the right of all nations to put their own interests first and seeks not to impose out way of life on any other country. I think this is what grates against globalists the most, for it will impact their bottom line and they will be forced to stop destabilizing other governments for their personal profit.

Issue #2: Private Worship VS. Mandated Theocracy

Jesus’ ministry was about de-centralizing religion, so that people would henceforth carry God in their hearts, not to amass wealth through any synagogue, temple, sanctuary or church building. Followers of Jesus should be aware that he told us he was the final priest; he stated no other “intercessors” were required and the good news was that all people for all time would have direct access via private prayer to God. Jesus never once told the people to build brick and mortar buildings and to amass great wealth for any religious organization.

EVP7p0aVAAo6zP9The most serious issue I see with the Republican party is its desire to make the USA into a theocracy.

Unlike other countries which have had their religious despots, recognize religious despots from a mile away, and made short work of their religious depots, America is “too young”–being born only in 1776– to recognize them.

Warned by our forefathers who came to this country to ESCAPE religious persecution, the American experiment was designed on a foundation that was NEVER supposed to link government and religion. A small faction of the GOP, however, continually force women to take a secondary role in the workplace, church and government based on their mis-interpretation of the Bible; controlling women’s bodies and dictating how  many children she should have. These are the same ones who gave corporations “personhood” rights!

Recall Easter, April 2020: People were laid off from work, sick from Covid-19, with grandparents at risk of loss of life in a nursing home and millionaire MINISTERS blatantly and flagrantly DEMANDED parishioners send them their very last dollar,  frantic over loss of money in collection baskets. Priests demanded congregants come to church and drink from a communal cup and get infected. More than 12,000 Catholic Churches applied for PPP during Covid-19 and 9,000 of these “non-profit”institutions got it; where is the separation of church and state?

We have heard from our government too often that “religious leaders” need to be consulted; they inserted themselves in the middle of our healthcare debate and denied women a voice.

Without a doubt…Jesus would weave another whip and clear all temples made in his name, were he to return today.

Kenneth Copeland

Planned for 2022 is an unveiling, the likes of which we have never seen before, a consolidation of the three patriarchal religions in Abu Dhabi– Muslim, Catholic and Jewish—to be called Chrislam. A trifecta of buildings called the “Abrahamic Family House” [see plans below] will be unveiled 2022,  with the pope at the leader. He has just lined up 13 new cardinals, even as pedophilia scandals continue to rock our court system, with evangelical pastor Rick Warren,  working to influence followers on the far right.

If women think they have little ability to participate in government now, imagine what will happen when the three major patriarchies join forces against us?

Dems + China: The Washington D.C. they envision for you isn’t ROSY!

short shirtThere has been much discussion of late about China. It all came to a head after the start of the pandemic which began in Wuhan, China.

Our inability to obtain something as basic as surgical masks amplifies our dependence upon China and it has many citizens in this country scratching their heads saying,  “How, oh how, did we get to this point where our supply chain relies on one country and a communist one at that?” Some of us older folks yet remember this classic from 1978–“Look for the Union Label”– which we sang unabashedly with patriotism in favor of Made in America products that provided a living wage to Americans. And, without preamble, I will tell you we want a RETURN to that time when there was a strong MIDDLE CLASS as well. That song came out the year before I entered college in 1979 and still hung in the air in 1983, when I graduated.

“Look for the union label…When you are buying a coat, dress, or blouse…Remember somewhere our union’s sewing…Our wages going to feed the kids and run the house,We work hard, but who’s complaining?…Thanks to the ILG, we’re paying our way…So always look for the union label…It says we’re able to make it in the USA!”

China’s response to this pandemic was symbolic of their communist form of government, with whistleblowers silenced, even as crematoriums were working around the clock 24-7:

Just which party was it–the conservative GOP or the liberal DEMs–that made us dependent upon China to such an extent that Americans have been put in a life-threatening situation, bereft of supplies needed to avoid infection? Who skewed the source of production in China’s favor so we no longer sing “Look for the Union Label,” barely remember its chorus, now chanting “global market, global market” like zombies?

Wages have lowered ever since with an ever widening gap between the rich and middle class, with the poor hanging on by a narrow thread.

This question set me on the path to do some research online to find an answer and I hope those in the media, pundits, politicians, career scholars, and economists take the time to write more exhaustive and comprehensive articles than I can do in one morning from my kitchen table to explain the reasons WHY and use extensive footmarks, for those so inclined to read such–the usual .5% who drink $12 lattes. I, and many now at home, think we need to get to the core of this problem quickly because our children and our children’s children deserve a world where greed is not held high on a pedestal and they have to fight and scuffle for the few remaining jobs that exist. My goal here is to make the complex simple, not write an exhaustive scholarly tome that is read, seen, understood and appreciated by a relative few. There’s room for both.

The point is this: China has aspirations to become a major superpower by 2025 and to have total control by 2050. So, they should never really be (or have ever been) off our radar. China is a country that created the term Politically Correct. It is straight out of Chairman Mao’s ideology, used to silence dissenters and dissuade others from asking “why?”

artistotleI do not favor the PC mindset, and I know most Americans don’t. [We cannot even agree to wear a mask for a month to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus!]  Yes, most tolerate being PC in the workplace, but behind closed doors the truth flies.  I think being Perfectly Candid is a better mindset from the onset, but then I am a forthright woman, for which I make not one excuse. I want honest answers to honest questions so we have a habitable planet to leave the next generation. When I don’t like what I see, I speak up. However, any woman who has ever worked in a  male dominated business has done a facepalm more than once at a company meeting, saying without words, “Why is he talking when he knows so little about this issue?”

The United States can do business with any number of countries who value freedom of speech, why have we chosen to interact with one for which there is mutual suspicion?

According to the 2017 BBC World Survey, only 33% of Chinese people view America’s influence positively; 61% of Chinese perceive us negatively; only 22% of Americans view China’s influence positively, with 70% of Americans having a decidedly negative perception.  Have we not noticed that more and more of our companies like Smithfield and homes are being snapped up as “investment property” by Chinese investors and the US is being used as a place to park their cash? Have we not noticed how under Obama wealthy illegals were allowed to buy a home in the USA to “buoy our economy” while Americans had to fight to stay in their home due to a banking fiasco called “mortgage- backed securities.” I don’t know what else to call people who do not become bonafide citizens than illegals. They are NOT legal immigrants; their allegiance is NOT to the USA, but to another country. The fact that they are monied should make no difference; they may as well have crossed over the border with a rucksack! They park their money here, as if it were an”offshore account” since their homeland doesn’t have the investment opportunities they want.

My parents thought they would never see the day when their children and grandchildren had to bid against foreign entities to buy a home! Chinese buyers accounted for $13.4 billion in real-estate purchases, or roughly 17% of all sales to foreign buyers. In 2018, they accounted for $30.4 billion in home sales. The Chinese were the biggest foreign buyers of American homes in 2019 as well according to Marketwatch: Jul 21, 2019. Smithfield Foods, Inc., is a meat-processing company based in Smithfield, Virginia, in the United States, and a wholly owned subsidiary of WH Group of China. And here we are today with lower standards than ever that impact our health and we dare to call them a  “critical infrastructure business”…

Investopia says: The top goods exported from China to the U.S. and their total values for 2018 were electrical machinery ($152 billion), machinery ($117 billion), furniture and bedding ($35 billion), toys and sports equipment ($27 billion), and plastics ($19 billion). Surely these are things we can make on our own soil, providing a living wage, as in days of yore, not made in pieces shipped back and forth overseas, cutting Americans out of the labor force:

What have we gotten for that lure of “low-cost assembly”? Cheap and inferior products. What have Americans lost by allowing major corporations to pocket the difference in wages between the two countries while selling the product AS IF it was Made in the USA? The reduction of a middle class. What have Americans sold down the river when they tolerated an economic strategy, born of “specialists” in economics at our major US universities… that always put shareholders first and bonafide citizens’ interests last?

On what hellish planet was Citizens United birthed, giving corporations of unknown origin the same rights as you and I in the voting booth?

Let us travel back to 1994 to figure out how we got into this thick and murky quagmire called a swamp. The Clinton administration is where the water got dark in China’s favor.

If we do not want a repeat of history, the Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton pro-China plan is where we must place the blame. The DEMs conceived of every part of this sell out, history shows us.

An entire book has been written called Year of the Rat that is worthy of being read during our “lockdown,” along with the following article by Matt Stoller, which says the same on one tidy page.

Year of the Rat

Here is a glimpse:

“The Clinton framework gutted the ability of U.S. policymakers to protect industrial power, and empowered Wall Street and foreign officials to force the U.S. to export its industrial base abroad, in particular to China. The radicalism of the choice was in the intertwining of the U.S. industrial base with an autocratic strategic competitor. During the Cold War, we had never relied on the USSR for key inputs, and basically didn’t trade with them. Now, we would deeply integrate our technology and manufacturing with an enemy (and yes, the Chinese leaders saw and currently still see us as enemies).”

“During the Obama administration, Mack McLarty, President Bill Clinton’s first chief of staff, made $300 million in luxury auto deals in China after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff helped broker an introduction to key Chinese leaders.”

Full article:

The Thousand Talent’s program was established under Barak Obama’s administration; it began in 2008 and was expanded in 2011. It is controlled by the Chinese government, yet uses American universities to further fields of interest that Americans should technically consider our national, intellectual property. Take the time to read the full report. Educate yourself!’s%20Talent%20Recruitment%20Plans.pdf

China wants to lead the world in Science and Technology by 2025 and also has an extended plan for 2050. We, the USA, should be doing the same; instead we are helping them rise to power!

“NIH also has identified 250 scientists as “individuals of possible concern,” of which roughly 30 percent served as a peer reviewer over the past two years. Additionally, NIH’s guidelines for the vetting of peer reviewers “do not advise vetting nominees against any type of law enforcement database. Instead, [the guidelines] suggest generally reviewing the first page of results from a Google search.” As a result, NIH “has efforts underway to address” identifying potential sources of undue foreign influence with its peer reviewers.”

It is only Donald Trump who has set his foot down in an adamant manner and said, “This is the line not to be crossed.” I will have you note that when he did so, from the moment he did so, those in the Democrat Party went ballistic. Everyone is an immigrant now, even those who are clearly illegal immigrants. There is a difference and it’s not about being monied or having a rucksack with two cents; it comes down to asking permission to live here and intending to become a citizen,  learning not only our laws but our ENGLISH language. IF we have the economy to support you and there are jobs that cannot be filled by Americans first, we will welcome you, but you must apply and do so legally.

Trump is clearly upsetting the Dem’s apple cart which favors all things China, over all things American. The Bloomberg/John Hopkins Event 201  a “pandemic tabletop exercise” held on October 18, 2019 in New York included a member of the Chinese CDC! Watch all five videos here: It predicted everything we are seeing right now months in advance of the breakout. 

Every other administration has kow-towed to China and jobs Americans should have held have been whisked away, along with our knowledge base, land, homes, businesses and our national wealth, has been tossed in for good measure. Why not, the majority of American people don’t seem to be paying attention to the money trail, as long as football and cable TV are on…

I join with those who say, it’s time for AMERICA 2025, 2050, not China 2025 or 2050!

I want to see homes bought by those who have an allegiance to our AMERICAN way of life by people who share our common values as citizens. I do not want us to become the “off-shore” account for foreign buyers, nor have to worry about undue foreign influence in our elections or our economy, do you?

It’s time to THINK about it and perhaps this “lockdown” is the perfect time to do so. But first, a facepalm, and moment of NATIONAL embarrassment is required.



PS: RUSSIA + GOP Article won’t be far behind this one. I want us to clean up BOTH sides of the aisle and I reserve the right to make both sides use the next SEVEN months leading up to the election and vigorously sweep, mop and do all of the clean-up necessary. In the meantime: Wear a mask whenever you leave your home and follow the Liberty Principle below. You do NOT have the “right” to go out into a public place and infect others with your nasal discharge and vocal spray during a pandemic, which can go up to 26 feet not 6 feet, by the way:

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