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Weapons of Math Destruction: Facebook and Twitter Threaten Our Democracy

Democracy has been under full blown attack ever since the World Economic Forum came into being. We have TRAITORS running off to Davos Switzerland annually to overturn our separate and independent countries, to switch to a dystopian globalist agenda. Who are the “hitmen,” you ask? None other than FOUR PAST PRESIDENTS: Bush Senior, Bush Junior, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama and Biden. This is why they stick together like glue. Their policies created 9-11; money laundering and drug sales were involved in Afghanistan, and a coverup by the DOJ. Their policies allowed Dr. Fauci to get around a moratorium on his gain of function study and create both covid and the CRISPR–“alter the human genome in irreparable ways”–plan. January 6th is a reaction to this COUP called “The Great Reset.” Any thinking person can see it’s a GROSS REGRET for the 99% and boon only for those who attend Davos–the 1%. None of us voted for a new world order. As for social media, read Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil. It is being used as a weapon against us, preying upon our minds, targeting the poor with predatory loans and engaging in censorship of free thought. My suggestion for 2021: disconnect and go to a landline. Do not use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etcetera. Prune them like you would dead wood from a rose bush. I have even done the same with LinkedIn which has been more like a meat market with elderly men hitting on younger women. Disconnect from those that want to track your every movement, ala Orwell’s 1984.

“Nation building,” Economic Hit Men, 9-11 and Jackals: Predatory Capitalism

Transcript: ” I have just finished reading New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, originally published in 2004 and I would recommend it for EVERYONE to read…because he claims he was one. There is no doubt in my mind that 9-11 is directly related to men who, as their profession, inflate investment potential overseas, with numbers… with the express purpose of increasing that country’s debt; so, our bankers can then call in the debt and they have to give us their resources –their oil, gold and minerals–that we are wanting in the first place. When they refuse to pay, “jackals” [CIA] are sent in to assassinate the leader and replace him with a puppet leader and in his book he lists all of the history involved over the past 70 years of time in which we have done that. I highly recommend people read it. Never forget 9-11… they struck the buildings that the bankers owned and the military war complex. We must stop the FABLE of “nation building projects” run by Economic Hit Men. [Pedro cut me off: but I added: Only then will we be secure.] “

Until I read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and its successor, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, I was clueless, as most Americans are… about what “nation building” really entails. It sounds so humanitarian; it is a wonder any of us have been able to question the underlying motives; our MSM has been integral to hiding the facts related to our occupations abroad for seven decades. The Great Awakening includes being aware of our role overseas and how we have allowed our leaders to foment pain and suffering. And, just so I am perfectly clear… Presidents on both sides of the aisle and politicians on both sides of the aisles are directly responsible and all three attended the 9-11 service today, as well they should…hanging their heads low in shame. The irony of their presence is maddening. They directly authorized the EHM to occupy, destroy, increase debt and enslave; the boomerang for that behavior was 9-11. Obama sent out killer drones that killed civilians. [Photo Credit: AP News] Articles by progressive MSM news are titled: “As former presidents come together, Donald Trump resists joining chummy ‘Presidents Club'” and they are right. DJT wants nothing to do with those past presidents who sent our men off to wars without end, and for the personal gain of a handful of bankers.

On some level, I think all of us were wondering, when the towers were hit on 9-11 and the buildings felt directly down in what appeared to be a planned demolition…”What did the US do to warrant such retaliation?” To a large extent, we still are wondering, because our MSM and the investigation held thereafter involved the exact same players who had much to lose if the truth were known! Our MSM is run by these same men and they have carefully controlled the narrative, calling all truth conspiracy and all lies the truth. Let me see if I can simplify two books in one article. I will try to summarize, but I would encourage your to read The New Confessions as soon as possible.

Economic Hit Men use numbers as weapons; they inflate potential profit to justify “nation building” projects on our tax payer dime, but they reap all of the profits and the eternal interest on debt. They hyper-inflate to make things look rosy to the leaders of other countries. So their premise begins with a lie. High-dollar investors clamor to work overseas, creating entire communities around a designated project such as bringing electricity to a village. Once the loan is obtained for massive engineering and construction projects, they move into phase two, which is collecting on the debt incurred. Naturally, the impoverished country cannot pay the amount these bankers select and there is a reason for that; it was never meant to be reachable. For those leaders who balk, there is first firm talk from jackals, who more than hint at danger to life and limb to come if they don’t take the deal. More often than not, we have gone in, assassinated a democratically elected leader, installed a puppet and continue to phase three: getting our pound of flesh–the gold, the minerals and the oil that was really behind the desire to “help” the impoverished nation “move into the 21st century.” As if that is not bad enough, it actually gets worse; conditions are added such as the installation of military bases and control over their UN vote. They essentially lose self-determination and become a colony of ours.

The consequence of this behavior has been well-justified anger against the USA, which we have either been oblivious too or we are aware of it, and simply don’t care. Some people choose to live comfortably numb and believe whatever they are told by our major TV stations. Most people do not read or want to know the underlying causes of the anger against the USA; this allows them to feign surprise when embassies are taken over and events like 9-11 occur. Almost anything can be done to a people who are not considered fully human; and those overseas have been treated like a commodity. Isn’t it natural for other nations not to want to be our indentured servants? Isn’t it natural for other nations not to want our bases on THEIR soil, dictating new social mores? YES, I contend it is. Innocent people died during 9-11 BUT innocent people have died because of our “nation building” policies too. There is a direct correlation and we would be wise to learn why we have lost respect worldwide.

Given how manipulative those false narratives bombarding us in print and online and on TV have been, it is amazing that any person has had the moral fiber to whistle blow, but John Perkins did it. True, he was part of the problem for ten years, but he woke up and realized he was erasing his soul and destroying the planet by obeying “kings” who hide comfortably in their mansions and evaded the law by rewriting it to suit them. He hopes to redeem himself, after much soul searching; he is now aware of the suffering caused by those “lucrative contracts.” In sum, the high life wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and he grew a spine.

Some would say capitalism is the root of all evil. I will disagree. PREDATORY capitalism is the root of all evil. Making a product honesty and selling it with honest PR is a good thing. It’s too bad the EHM did not learn that lesson as children. Their anything-for-a-buck, even hush money and murder, attitude is predatory. Where did they get this model for business? It comes direct from Milton Friedman, born in 1912, who believed that deregulation was wonderful and the only goal of a business should be to maximize profit, regardless of the social and environmental costs. Government oversight of any kind was seen by Milton as a negative; this is what allowed corporations to set up shell entities and engage in money laundering and do it with impunity. Milton’s Friedman’s ideas should be labeled “Minefield of Folly” for that’s what they have been.

Globalism has not benefitted the USA; jobs have gone overseas; the middle class has disappeared; the number of poor has increased. Who has actually benefitted from globalism? The 1% ers plus those in the DEM and GOP parties who like the EHM model because they make “middleman” profits passing laws for that favor the military war complex and investments by lobbyists for the uber rich. They claim that what they are doing is legal and there’s the kicker, for they pay off our politicians to make laws to allow them to cheat on taxes and steal our national wealth. Are Illegal laws made in such a manner really “legal”? If globalism and no borders were truly in the world’s best interest, all boats would be floating on the crest of a wave right now; they aren’t. In 1957, Friedman launched his first direct attack against Keynesian thinking with “A Theory of the Consumption Function.” Count with me… that’s 64 years his theories have had time to marinate and prove their value, and they have utterly FAILED to impress. We don’t need arm chair economists making policies that are destructive to the majority of Americans who yet sit down at the kitchen table to do their April taxes, rather than hiring a team of accountant to find, and capitalize on, loopholes!

The “build back better” plan is no better. It truly isn’t. It starts by presuming the world is overrun with people and a virus is needed to bring us back to the “true number” of 500 million. Don’t take my word for it; this number was discussed at Davos and many actual scientists found it alarming, but our MSM remained mute. Not one report about Davos or Event 201 has ever been discussed on @cspanwj or any news station to date. Look up Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science and Jane Burgermeister. Kissinger has denied vaccination is going to be used to increase impotency, but this Italian video keeps resurfacing, proving he has said the unthinkable. I have translated it for you below.

Rather than going into OTHER countries to increase debt, the EHM bankers are now increasing debt here, on our soil. Yes, those same practices are being turned on us now. This is after taking away numerous homes in 2008 due to their Ponzi mortgage scheme. Iceland took care of their rogue bankers; we did not. For some reason, our US politicians continually protect the rogue bankers. Maybe it’s because they have dirt on our politicians for some immorality they don’t want known; maybe it’s because they have too much control and claim they are “too big to fail.” They are spanked like bad children, rather than imprisoned for their criminal behavior.

The “build back better” plan starts with the destruction of our nation, our border, our money, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Judeo-Christian heritage, our family structure: YHVH, mother father, son and daughter… using the same EHM plan used abroad: ever-increasing debt and mandates to keep the people PC. The plan to replace humans with robots, and police with robots, and teachers with robots would make Ira Levin proud, as would the new “Sophia” robot to replace your wife; the WEF’s new family forms make anyone a parent and with CRISPR to build a better baby in a lab using fetal tissue from second and third trimester abortions, bioethics is tossed out the window for a New World Order that thinks babies are expendable for their organs. This is what happens when men try to play God.

In sum, both sides are mirror images of HELL run by 1%ers with too much money and not enough common sense. The middle ground has been pulled out from under our feet on purpose, so we bicker and fight and see each other as the enemy, instead of calling out the truly bad actors who are hitmen and want endless war to make mammon. CHAOS is integral to every Economic Hit Men agenda, just keep that in mind. DISTRACTION is the real aim–so we all wander around in circles with our eyes out of focus. Be clear of mind and you will see the following:

“All of the US news stations were a tightly woven web…

designed to capture the truth and kill it.”

from my book, Stolen Election, free download on AUTHOR page.

Thank you, John Perkins, for having the nerve to write both books and tell us the truth.

I will leave you with this article worth reading:


We do not recognize your scepter or your ring…and we will not comply with it.”

  1. We are not buying Agenda 21, repackaged at the WEF with the UN as “Build Back Better,” as the answer to the world’s problems…and we will not comply with it.
  2. We are not buying your depopulation by lab-made virus and 23 variants hatched with Gates, Collins head of NIH and CCP plan as the answer to population control…and we will not comply with it.
  3.  We are not buying your transhumanist vision as “utopia.” It is a dystopian HELL that removes a person’s soul and reduces them to a robot…and we will not comply with it.
  4. We are not buying your new career plan for all of us—cyber coding robots to replaced humans in the workforce. We do not want robot teachers or robot policemen…and we will not comply with it.
  5. We are not buying 3-D printer food and cockroach milk written about by the NIH and WEF as the new “superfood” and we will not give up our farmlands so YOU and your bankers and GATES can snap them up and make us serfs, dependent upon YOU for our food supply…and we will not comply with it.
  6. We are not buying your 3-D cement extruded homes. We like things built of real wood made by craftsmen in the trades. Your mega cities are nothing more than cement jungles that will breed rats and roaches and crime…and we will not comply with it.
  7. We are not buying your “build a better baby” plan using CRISPR either; we know you are using aborted 2nd and 3rd trimester baby organs attached to mice, creating chimeras. You support the sex trafficking industry for your immoral science labs that make freaks of nature. You are violating every bioethical law ever made…and we will not comply with it.
  8. We are not buying your new vision for families, where mothers and fathers are replaced by the state and people have sex with robots instead of other humans for the sake of “climate change.” Your new family forms, in fact, defy all BIBLICAL principles……and we will not comply with it.
  9. We are not buying your WEF meetings annually at Davos in Switzerland.  We think you meet in secret with armed guards for the following reason: you are up to no good. Traitors meet and discuss America’s business, break the Logan Act, HIDING a foul syllabusand we will not comply with it.
  10. We are not buying your “Destroy the USA as a Superpower Plan” which you have brazen made a video about, Klaus. We like our national identity and have no intention of falling in line and giving up our national borders, national constitution, Bill of Rights or Constitution. You want a one-world new world order; we don’t…and we will not comply with it.
  11.  We are not buying your mandated vaccines; you can tell Kissinger we are not stupid enough to vaccinate our children to make them impotent. We are not buying the concept that the government has any “right” to demand we put anything into our body by mandate. We reject your Nazi-like despotism…and we will not comply with it.
  12. We are not buying your role as a leader in your own country’s decisions, let alone the world decisions! You are a self-appointed guru, who has no authority over any of us. You are entirely BEREFT of common sense. You started the WEF and made yourself KING. We do not recognize your scepter or your ringand we will not comply with it.
  13.  We are not buying “climate change” as the rationale for your reset. It has become entirely all too clear to us that you are using “climate change” to push technologies you are invested in and know will PROFIT handsomely.  We know the names of your members. We know the names of your sponsors, even those you try so hard to hide. They are all known. We do not accept your authority to make any decisions…and we will not comply with it.

THE DEMOCRAT PLAN TO bring HEAVEN to earth: A Satire based on “First They Came” for Our Current Times


[First They Came Updated for 2021]


First, they came for our children and poisoned them with globalist propaganda so their love of country and family values was weakened, saying “National identity is a fictitious theory made by founders who should be ashamed of their desire to travel across the ocean to find this continent.”

Then, they came for all who wanted to continue calling themselves Americans and were not willing to give up their national identity, national flag, Constitution and Bill of Rights and said, “You are selfish to want to self govern and your refusal to fall in line with our New World Order makes you an enemy.”

Then, they came for mothers and told them, “Go off to work and let your children fend for themselves as latch key children; allow your children to get ever lower grades each year,  obtaining only general information never mastering specifics, and becoming more aggressive due to lack of attention.”

Then, they came for fathers and told them, “Be not men anymore, nor protectors, nor leaders of any kind. Be politically correct and never take issue or offense from any idea, not matter how unusual it may be. Be brown nosers to your bosses, always agreeable, and thus men underperformed and women chose not to love men they could not respect any more.

Then, they came for pastors and told them to teach a prosperity doctrine in which mammon was king and keeping up with the Jones was akin to godliness, and they put forth ministers on television with six cars and four homes and said, “THIS is a sign of God’s grace. Go out and make tons of money like him.”

Then, they came for the unborn and said,” You have no rights to live whether inside or outside the womb; we can create a better baby in a lab with CRISPR technology  that has no flaws and create new family forms that make anyone a parent.” Babies were then valued only for their organs and sold as if a piece of sliced beef in common markets by an agency supposed to protect the nation’s food supply.

Then, they came for those who wanted to eat organic vegetables and meat from animals allowed to roam free on farms and not be caged and fed hormones,  and they said, “From now on we will all use a 3-D printer and eat bugs” and the men in charge laughed that the transition was made so easily by a people so easy to control, while they themselves ate the finest organic everything flown in fresh daily, by the very jets they claimed were responsible for climate change.

Then, they came for the media and censored all that was wholesome, honest and pure and replaced it with violent movies, sick sitcoms, and endless drug commercials to make the people feel dis-ease and pushing their 500 million maximum depopulation plan, and saying, “Die quick and die early. Do not be a burden upon the world by growing old.”

Then, they came for language and destroyed the terms used to describe all things wholesome; family terms like mother, father, son and daughter were redacted and 58 terms for gender, all more bizarre than the next, were mandated. Half of the dictionary was purged of words that were thought too thought-provoking and intelligent.

Then, they worked to depopulate the planet so their scheme to be the masters of the world with robots doing all needed work [and displacing 85 million jobs] would come off without a hitch. This allowed them to cannibalize property held privately. And they said, “You will own nothing and we will own everything.” This was proclaimed in banners set on a pole in every city, taking their cue from the Davos elite who met at the World Economic Folly annually to discuss messaging and new narratives to deceive.

Then, they came for the people’s minds and said, “We shall tell you what to think and how to feel, for we know these changes have been upsetting.” And, they put chips in a vaccine so they could program the people to be comfortably numb and unaware of their pain and suffering.

Then, they came after the concept of personhood and said, “Your body is ours and we shall tell you where to work, how to move from place to place, and your career. Cybercoding your own robot replacement is what you were put on this planet to do.  You will like it, and you will be happy.”

Then, they destroyed all Bibles on earth; all were banned and called an apostasy, and everything that mentioned godliness was destroyed too, in order to form their new soul-less society.

Then, they built a bonfire and, deep into the night under a full moon, leaping and gyrating in flickering shadows, growling like animals, celebrating their bestiality, they claimed their new vision was HEAVEN.

Copyright August 31, 2021 by Rosanne Ferreri, aka Spitfire Sicilian, Author of Stolen Election and Redacted, No Longer! Use liberally with credit given.

Money Laundering 101: How the Rich Evade Paying Taxes

For most of us who work 9-5 jobs, money laundering consists of leaving a five dollar bill in our pants pocket and mistakenly throwing it in the wash. But, for those in the top tax bracket–billionaires–it has become a way to evade paying taxes entirely through a series of shell entities that I, until August 30th, had never heard of. To begin with, I think it is imperative to admit to ourselves that there is a widening gap between the rich and the middle class, with CEO’s now making 300x’s what their employees make and putting very little back into their company in training seminars, off-site continuing education, or shared profit. The lion’s share is going to the CEO and the stockholders. The days when employers treated you like family are very rare and if artificial intelligence is used, your resume is not even read by a human being any more. Globalism has meant that more Americans have lost jobs to overseas workers who think our minimum wage is living high on the hog. Cheaper products have NOT made our lives better in the long run.

So, I want to begin with this video about who is really in charge of our world today, for I found it eye opening this morning and not a little bit frightening too:

At some point between 1961, when I was born, and 2021, we allowed mega monopolies to become like a multi-headed hydra, eating every industry and clamoring for more. But, that really isn’t the worst of it, for they did not limit themselves to industries, they created shell entities to hide their assets and threw pixie dust on Congress to bless those entities with no oversight. This next article names all of those entities which give obscurity to money transactions that you and I, as 9-5er’s never imagined existed. When we think of how our politicians enter their posts on the hill as average income earners and come out like robber barons with five homes, you realize they use these same entities and hide their assets with bleachbit when caught.

There is no way for me to do a better job than the attached to explain the convoluted “shell entities” that help the uber rich evade taxes than the following article, so I am not even going to try: It is from the Law Journal, who are being whistleblowers to activity within their own industry, which should be applauded.

I think of it as an equation:

Wealthy Investor + Accountant + Lawyer + Politicians + Bankers = shell entities.

So, if we want to stop this unfair practice, we have to hold the last 4 accountable first, for the last 4 are colluding to hide the 1st’s assets!

If you have been paying attention to financial news, you will see “bitcoin” articles everywhere, offered up as the next best form of money on the planet. However, you should know that the reason it looks so attractive to the uber-rich is it offers a considerable amount of secrecy too. When you combine that with a skewed election to push a New World Order that favors certain sectors and annihilates others, you have to take a step back and wonder if “build back better” isn’t actually a euphemism for “chaos communist and control.” The “Patriot Act” was really about spying on average citizens, not just foreign terrorists, as promised. Bitcoin furthers a NWO agenda quite nicely and for the average Joe, not so much. What it gives them is the ability to produce an algorithm that is megalomaniacal [cue a crazy cackle] and this new system ties us all together so when the “too big to fail” entities really dive bomb from some new “tricky Dick” Ponzi scheme, not just one country suffers or one sector, but all bricks come crashing down, since they are stacked, one top of the other.

The latest mantra from Biden has been to “level the playing field,” but you will notice it never addresses closing the shell entities mentioned above or making it a crime to use a foundation as a slush fund.

I suggest we give those with such entities an ultimatum:

Move all of your assets in offshore and shell entities back into US banks within 30 days, pay all of those years of taxes owed plus a 35% penalty or go to jail and all of your assets will be put into the US treasury and become the property of the people.

Then all shell entities should be made illegal, except for one LLC per person for their personal business, with directors known and published.

I am going to recommend this fantastic article on the known methods used by the uber rich to hide assets. These are the ones most of us are familiar with, but I think the “shell entities” above are the ones the really BIG players use most often:

The “Deep State” is comprised of bad actors in the FBI, CIA, NSA, WEF, UN CDC, WHO, main stream media, and those in both the Democrat and Republican parties who are in favor of a “New World Order” and have an “end justifies the means” attitude about foreign policy. President Trump was the target of coup d’etat to maintain that NWO and globalist agenda, and this resulted in the release of covid and multiple variants for depopulation and a rigged election to stop him from “draining the swamp” called the “Deep State.”

Peter Dale Scott in his 2014 book The American Deep State: Big Money, Big Oil and the Struggle for US Democracy stated: “Since World War II, the CIA has made systemic use of drug trafficking forces to increase its covert influence–first in Thailand and Burma, then in Laos and Vietnam, and most recently in Vietnam. The untold story of Afghanistan involves MONEY LAUNDERING of poppy sales through HSBC bank, which Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, FBI Director Mueller, and Comey gave a minor slap on the hand when it was discovered our very own CIA was involved in drug trafficking. [Source: Jerome Corsi, Killing the Deep State] This issue of money laundering must be addressed, for it appears to be at the core of wars and the source of why other countries resent our occupation for “nation building.” HSBC, aka the Shanghai Bank Corporation, has offshoot banks which are in the USA, and we must not allow them to be used to launder heroin proceeds.