The LIBERAL Main Stream Media Flagrantly Repeats #33 Like Parrots in News to Promote New World Order

It has become apparent to me that this virus is nothing more than a ploy, a plot, a coup,  to overturn our democracy  and replace it with a New World Order that is Communist. This ploy is called The Great Reset and I have written about it in two previous articles, so if you are still in the dark about this very real and frightening plan touted by the World Economic Forum to destroy all nations and create a one world conglomerate, then stop everything you are doing right now, and educate yourself. Your ignorance will cost us our democracy.

The same script is being used in EVERY news station around this country and others;  the number 33 is repeated like parrots by all newscasters. It even extends to medical journals, health department reports, Democrat-run state government documents.

But, don’t take my word for it…click on the links below and see it for yourself.

It is statistically impossible for THIRTY-THREE to occur every single time. Keep in mind that links are disappearing from the internet by the hour as they try to HIDE this fact.,9753,7-406-98158-521695–,00.html,27828

Even in the UK the #33 is being used…

The New World Order is linked to the Free Masons whose magic/occult number is #33. Note the Free Mason’s floor and that of the space in which Ruth Bader Ginsberg lies in state. York Rite – Wikipedia Masonic floor RBG

Free Mason Hall below; note #33 for 33 levels in costume above.

A cruel joke is playing out to push our society into a new design and Biden sides with them, while Trump stands alone and says: Not on MY watch! We like the USA just as it is–a FREE and OPEN SOCIETY—that does not march in lockstep and will never do so, as long as I am President.

This is what this next election is about, and I know it’s going to frighten you. You can feel like a victim or you can prepare your heart and mind;  don’t get caught up in the minutia spun by MSM.

 You have only TWO stark choices in this next election.

Pro-USA with Trump or Pro-NWO in Lockstep with Biden

In the eight months our economy has been in lockdown, due to Democrat fear mongering over a disease with .01% chance of killing you [cancer kills more people annually], my husband has put together eight one-thousand piece puzzles.

We approach puzzle construction differently; I like to put all of the pieces on a separate board, organize them by color, and neatly line up those a similar design, working inward; he likes to put them around the puzzle and in the middle and work out.

We agree on one thing: whoever puts in the most work,  gets to put in the final 12 pieces and claim victory for completion. And, we think the name for a puzzle construction artist sounds too medical; dissectologist:  A person who enjoys jigsaw puzzle assembly.

Just so you don’t think I’m kidding, here are the photos:

This election has been an eye-opener for us. It has been a puzzle with many pieces and a few we thought to be lost or missing from the box were found under the table at our feet. Puzzles right out of the plastic bag make me hyperventilate; so much initial confusion, but you have to stick with them, mutter under your breath, and jostle sections until you see progress.

Like those who work puzzles [dissectologists], there have been many frustrating moments that have sent me to the computer to find a “missing piece” of information—a video that confirms or negates a statement made in the news or an article hidden deep in the bowels of a medical journal. Some pieces were hiding right in plain sight; though never discussed in our main stream news, they were clearly of great import!  Thankfully, I love research. Finding obtuse facts is like finding a rare gold nugget to me. I make everyone come over and stare at it until mesmerized.

Here are the pieces that will help you understand what is truly going on in 2020. Once you unite them, you will see far less of the jumbled pile you now do, feel far less like a victim and act more like a gallant knight called into action by King Arthur. Thankfully, there are far less than 8,000 pieces to connect, just 13 in toto [a baker’s dozen], and I have tried to be concise. [Fun Fact of the Day: Baker’s Dozen: In 13th century England, a law was enacted which prevented bakers from cheating customers and selling light loaves of bread. To prevent themselves from getting in trouble with the law, bakers would give an extra loaf for every dozen purchased to make up for any potential shortfall.]

Piece #1: Even before our President took office a coup was underway from the previous administration to unseat him. He ran on a promise to “Drain the Swamp” and this did not bode well for career politicians who had been there 47 years. If you will recall, Trump said: “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Politicians prospered–but the jobs left, the factories closed. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country.”  In essence, he put a chink in the chain of government and said “You’re fired” to the most egregious insiders and put everyone else “on notice.” From now on, it’s America First; we all work for the American people, he said.  From day one,  Democrats dug in their heels and insisted on “business as usual… or else,” they threatened,  they would create a catastrophe of magnanimous proportions—a veritable Armageddon! And so they have–for four solid years–Dems have worked feverishly to undermine the country they pay allegiance to in public.

Piece #2:  President Trump called attention to Biden’s “quid pro quo” with the Ukraine and his family’s involvement in China. Result: Democrats called for his impeachment. Adam Schiff said Democrats had to impeach Trump before the 2020 election because the people duly elected  him and the ballot box could not be trusted [to produce a Democrat winner].  and and

Piece #3: President Trump addressed inequities with China in trade and halted espionage. The previous two administrations [that of Obama and Bill Clinton] fostered both inequity and espionage, endangering our national security. Result: Pelosi  ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union speech in hatred of his America First Plan:

RIDING THE DRAGON: The Biden’s Chinese Secrets is a MUST-watch video!

And President Trump replaced NAFTA with USMCA: He made good on his promise to deliver fairer and more reciprocal trade for the American people. This bothered the Democrats who want unrest to occur, tipping our country into Socialism.

Piece #4: President Trump ratted out people who were behind a worldwide sex trafficking ring that involved members of Hollywood and key politicians. During his early years in real estate, he collected information on how the rich and famous worked and smartly waited until he assumed the role of President to “clean up the system.”  That was a brilliant thing to do; it resembled The Magnificent Seven + Pale Rider. Result: Epstein and Maxwell went to jail and he halted the sale of “Cuties” child porn on Netflix. There remains more work to do, as the DNC Convention showed us in their “entertainment” choices; poison is not what I would want teens to drink: Schools will soon be teaching Patriotic Education, instead of indoctrination into “politically correct” Chairman Mao Communist behavior.

Piece #5: President Trump followed through on his promise to scale down military bases and make the other nations we have been protecting pay their fair share. Democrats who profited from largely uncontested military war contracts went ballistic and said Trump “hated veterans.” Trump actually said the following to West Point grads: “We are ending the era of endless wars.”:

Piece #6: President Trump attended Davos and rejected the NWO plan called “Agenda 21” begun in 1992: and “The Great Reset of 2020-2021”:

Result: The “Cloward-Fox-Pivens Plan” was put into effect by Democrats: full blown rioting in streets, race conflicts, demands that people “give up their home”… along with the most extreme form of Socialism proposed by “progressives” using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals!

Piece #7: President Trump had to deal with Covid-19—which was created and released in Wuhan, China–on top of the Democrats’ demand for a total shutdown until the election to increase debt and flip the USA into socialism. Rioting, looting, arson, anarchy and defunding the police become their aim. A Chinese virologist whistleblower confirms the virus was made in a Wuhan Lab:

Piece #8:  President Trump soon realized pharmaceutical companies and hospitals had not prepared for a pandemic, [focusing on shareholder profits, rather than stockpiling needed supplies and relying upon China for masks and ventilators.] As for-profit entities they truly let the citizens down by not stockpiling, practicing and preparing an emergency plan! Result: Big pharma was put on notice to serve the people and not their own self interest; hospitals have been put on notice to prepare and share, and governors have been told to develop an actual emergency plan and not wait until the 11th hour. That’s good news for us!

Piece #9: President Trump is nominated for TWO Nobel Peace awards, achieving what Democrats never were able to achieve as war hawks: This seems to be the final straw for them. Not a word of congratulations makes the news.

Piece #10: The Fake News Media is exposed when the sacred name of Soros is mentioned by Newt Gingrich and compilation videos prove identical messages are being spun by liberal owned corporate conglomerates, just as President Trump has told us for the past four years :


Piece #11: President Trump promises to use his power to elect a conservative female Supreme Court justice to protect women and children in 2021 and Democrats threaten a second coup, even though they did the very same thing after Scalia’s death: 

Pelosi responds  that Democrats will: “use every arrow in our quiver” to block the eventual nominee:

Piece #12: President Trump is not going to allow criminal sanctuary cities to exist in 2021, nor will the police be told to defund in favor of a robot police state:

Cities like San Francisco run by Pelosi will be required to clean up their act:

Piece #13: Summary: What is this Election is Really All About?

Either the USA remains a Separate Nation or the USA becomes swallowed up by Globalists to mimic China and walks in LOCKSTEP.

A Chinese Virologist became a whistleblower about Covid and was silenced by the World Health Organization:

Starting in October 2019, Covid was known to be a problem and Democrats in NYC were playacting pandemic at Event 201: .

In January 2020 at Davos, it was decided by NWO elites that the pandemic would be used as the catalyst to start The Great Reset.  President Trump told them we did not feel isolated and preferred to remain a unique nation: The Democrats are fully onboard the NWO paradigm; they have an ideology invested in the “Fourth Industrial  Revolution”, that includes “Climate Change” [with fewer humans on the planet,  more robots], and more Big Brother 1984 security with forced vaccination by Gates.

President Trump has rightly told Davos leader Klaus Schwab he will not listen to “prophets of doom.” Recall that Gates said in his interview: “You don’t have a choice” but to move in lockstep with the NWO and accept mass vaccination without question and tolerate HC companies giving themselves total immunity if you get paralyzed:

Forcing Americans to create their own food with “food sculptors” and drinking cockroach milk [you heard me right, COCKROACH MILK] will not go over well in the USA. That I can PROMISE you.

 Here is the stark choice you have before you on November 3rd:

You can either be Pro-USA with Trump or Pro-Globalist NWO with Biden.

Just remember this: once you give up your free will, you liberties and rights, you will not get them back again. The New World Order Lockstep with China and Klaus Schawb will be your ONLY choice.

The Great Reset Planned for 2020-2021 is a Dragon to be Vanquished

If there is anything I have learned in fifty-nine years, it’s that there are “no guarantees” in life; anyone who promises you an “easy life” is not promising you a life where freedom of choice, mind and body, will exist.  Life is a constant act of creation. That’s what makes it beautiful to me.  I do not want to be taken care of; I want to stand on my own two feet and sing, “I did it my way” at the top of my lungs.

Having lived under the constant stress of a family member with incurable multiple sclerosis for 29 years, I can tell you that COVID-19 is being over hyped. I know people have died from it, but the numbers are not even close to those who have died from a myriad of cancers; 600,500 die annually from cancer, most from lung disease.  Covid-19 has been made into a crisis of magnanimous proportions, solely for political purposes.

We have a critical election coming up and Covid-19 is being used to deflect attention from a virulent monster growing in our midst called “The Great Reset” and it has been mutating for 50 years, but nobody has discussed it. Had it all been formed in one or two year’s time, warning bells would have sounded; but, because it has slowly crept up on us, and we have been distracted by work and entertainment and raising families, we have not seen it creeping up behind us with talons and it is out to do us harm. This multi-headed dragon must be vanquished by courageous, honorable and patriotic Knights of Camelot.

I used to go to the gym, when it was yet open eight months ago… and I would watch five news stations simultaneously as I rowed, walked the treadmill machine and used the stair climber. I saw news being created before my eyes with the same spin, using the same exact words, read in the same manner, verbatim. These places have remained closed to prevent people from seeing the false narratives on multiple fronts. We have seen places with far more people allowed to be open 24-7, like Walmart and Home Depot, and liquor stores. Bars with multiple TVs were forced to stay closed. Any place where people could meet to discuss news and debate it was told it had to stay closed. Do I think that was done deliberately? I do.

So, what is really happening here? Who is behind it? What is their end game? Who are the key players?  Let’s stop messing around and get down to brass tacks.

Prior to Covid-19, our economy was booming; business were thriving as never before;  home ownership was up; people were buying cars; I bought a car and a truck in 2019. People fixed their homes, took cruises, went on airplanes to far off places. Then Covid-19 hit China and the entire world went into a tailspin, as it was carried to every country within a month. It appeared to be borne on the wind, it traveled so fast.   It did not just effect the US. No, all countries were infected with the China-based virus; a pandemic was borne, just as those at Event 201 predicted just two months prior in October 2019:

Because we have allowed laboratories to experiment with viruses and germs and eugenics, we created a mess with the potential for “accidents.” Was this an accident or was it intentional? That is the only question that remains. I know this much: it’s here and it does cause harm, but so does cancer and multiple sclerosis, and a hundred other diseases doctors deal with on a daily basis. The fact remains that because men constantly think up new ways to kill each other, we will always have to consider biowarfare when these events happen, even were there to be a total moratorium on such behavior.

It is an undeniable fact that there are those in our world who want a New World Order. This is not a conspiracy and I don’t want you to think it is or take my word for it. Pretending these people do not exist will not make them go away.

For 50 years, these men have been plotting to eradicate the lines that form nations. Nations have constitutions. Nations have laws. People in nations have freedom and liberty. People in nations are allowed to think for themselves. This is perceived to be “the problem” for NWO globalists. Directing the masses to do what benefits them most is their only desire.  Anything that hinders them from being in control and taking control is the enemy. That puts 99% of us in the camp that has to go; we intake too much oxygen and expel too much carbon dioxide, in their opinion. And, so they formed a “Green New Deal” agenda in private and talk of eugenics, sterility and artificial intelligence to bring the world down to a manageable size that requires very little out-of-pocket expenses on their part.

What they want is a NWO that operates on the same monetary system with banks as one large hydra moving their assets to gain the most profit. They are already as wealthy as Midas, but they can never have enough gold, land, power and status. Imagine a giant EGO that seeks only to enlarge its size.  

Free will will be a thing of the past if the NWO globalists win out; they cannot allow you to think for yourself and discover a better way. YOUR having a house and a car are, in their opinion, what “burdens you.” So, they will take that off your hands, as they did in 2008; your food will not be organic, but made by a printer, containing whatever chemical combinations best promote sterility.  Robots can do the work you do at twice the speed and with better accuracy, so consider yourself superfluous.

The WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM meets in Davos annually, flagrantly breaking the Logan Act, with leaders from major countries, plus those in upper 1% [let’s not forget them],  to discuss which pieces to move on the world stage, without the people’s consent or knowledge. These closed-to-the-public meetings have made a mockery of each nation’s laws and constitutions.  And it’s time we called these actors out as terrorists. Trump is the only president besides JFK who has taken them on. But here is what we are up against in the next election. The globalists are 100% behind BIDEN. Trump heard what they had to say at Davos and REJECTED their agenda in toto.

Who is Klaus Schwab who thinks he “knows best” for the USA and questions our right to remain an independent nation?

When you go to the poll in November, remember The Great Reset and ask yourself if you want to SAVE the USA for the next generation or sell out to the New World Order and all it entails. But, if you do, don’t be surprised if all of the freedoms you currently enjoy disappear along with the American Dream.

This is the choice YOU have to make in November.

Misogyny and Patriarchy: Why our world is the way it is…

I give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a standing ovation for her speech on the hill, yesterday. The problem occurs on both sides of the aisle, by Dems and GOP leaders alike, however.

Adam Schiff gaveled Elise Stefanik into silence, denying her a right to speak during the impeachment hearings, repeatedly saying : “You are not recognized.” Your opinion is of no consequence; you are muzzled:

Joe Biden thought it was perfectly normal to make his secret service women uncomfortable by swimming nude in front of them: and his attempt to deal with abuse against women proves he has not one clue how to go about it:  “No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger…and so we have to change the culture …and keep PUNCHING at it and PUNCHING at it.”

Old white men in the GOP are notorious for not believing women are smart enough to be in control of their own bodies, just to become mothers that rock the cradle of future leaders! “Some congresswomen say they are being greeted with ‘hey beautiful’ by male members of Congress. Or looked at ‘up and down’ by men in the hallways on Capitol Hill.” 

The Epstein-Maxwell scandal that implicates men in high places has exposed the underbelly of American culture which still has a “boys will be boys” mentality and does not hold them accountable for their actions or their words. This lack of respect boils over into a lack of care for children, tolerating sex trafficking for years until the year 2020.  Their quest for fame and fortune kept their frequently flapping lips from the podium on the hill…utterly silent on these critical issues, circling the wagons and protecting one of their own from criminal indictments.

Between the casting couch and the airplanes flying powerful, rich men around to meet with girls to molest, the cancel culture they prefer redacts women and children. Favoring fame and mammon for their foundations and electoral campaigns and projects on the hill they want funded… they refuse to whistleblow on people they rub elbows with at fundraising dinners and cocktail parties, making themselves complicit in their crimes.

As Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has aptly pointed out, just being a family man with daughters and wife, does not make a man an upright one. Senator Kyl proved that in his choice of words during the HC debate; he road roughshod over Senator Debbie Stabenow and said because he was not a woman and didn’t need maternity care, he should not have to create a plan that included the needs of women!  Kyl never apologized to Sen. Stabenow or all of us for his outrageous statement that cancelled out the needs of 50% of our US population.

The reason we have a modeling industry, TV programming industry and movie industry that promotes women being hacked to pieces and children hunted like animals for men’s pleasure is men’s assumption they have more of a right to exist, right to speak, right to their own body, right to earn a living wage than any woman on this planet, and their presumptive right to lead…even though they do such an abysmal job of it 99.9% of the time!

Men have been trying to normalize pedophilia, sexual advances against unwilling women in the workplace, sex trafficking and abuse of women for sexual pleasure for an interminable amount of time. If we are honest, it goes back to 4,000 BC when Sumerian priests thought up the concept of prostitution. Yes, we have priests to thank for that one.

Powerful men want all of these repugnant things to fall under “lifestyle choices.” And, just like in the science fiction movie, the Stepford wives, they want women to remain compliant, subservient robots who never say “no” and never question their authority.

In the past 50 years everything wholesome has been removed from TV, replaced with movies that tie women up and beat them on prime time TV with children suddenly exposed to disturbing images halfway into the show. Women’s magazines used to have beautiful Vogue classic cut suits, now every spread has women either half dead or with splayed legs ready to service a man. And the clothes supposed “renowned designers” create would make even the most seasoned hooker blush. Their mission is clear: Reducing women to the sum of  her body parts. Desensitizing society to violence  against women. Redacting the voices of women so ungodly things can go on unabated. That mission must fail.

The liberal end game is to destroy the American family and make the aberrant appear normal. Children are to be sold violent videos, according to the Supreme Court; women are to be treated as sex objects, say men on the hill; any combination of people constitutes a family, say our “family time network shows.” That’s the” norm” the liberals and libertarians who want “less government” want for you and me. Horrible, isn’t it?

The revelation of the Epstein-Maxwell sex ring should be a wake-up call for all of us. Even the Pope has never been held accountable for moving bishops around to abuse in a new location, recently having been handed $3.5 billion to keep his worldwide sex trafficking ring alive. The church of Satan is alive and well in GA; the Illuminati Ball akin to  Sodom and Gomorrah takes place in CT and at Bohemian Grove in CA  and Epstein’s home in NYC and at an “occult temple” on Little Saint James. And in countless other places dark and hidden from view. We must be unafraid to pull them out and expose them to the light, the perfect disinfectant for all that hides in darkness. Like vampires, they cannot handle the light. Have you noticed how many vampire, witch and zombie movies have come out of Hollywood of late?  The themes chosen as “entertainment” are undeniably sick, irrefutably satanic, and unacceptable to any person with values.

Silence and PC behavior of men that know better and women afraid to speak up are the reason pedophilia and abuse of women in our country [and around the world] continues and proliferates.

Thank you, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez for YOUR  lack of willingness to remain silent! And, to all the men who do stand with women and help us to achieve parity–THANK YOU!

The Minority Report is a Reality

Just watch this video, I really cannot add anything more than that. Earth-shattering, heart-breaking news about NWO.

Spygate: So much information in this next video you will want to take notes; record it your phone to SAVE and listen, and pass it on! This is the video Facebook and Twitter refuse to allow you to see, while simultaneously taking down sites that want to end child trafficking. They call protection of our children “hate speech.” Let that one sink in…

We are in an ugly period of time when censorship is very real. The truth WILL set you free, however:

Type in “World Economic Forum” and “The Great Reset” to learn more; they have unabashedly published their agenda online!

This next video is a good overview, if you don’t have the time right now to watch those from the WEF: