new cover for publishersFor 4,000 years, religious institutions have been hammering into our psyche one consistent blow: “Patriarchy is God’s Plan.”  This message has been seeded and relentlessly sown by male priests, downplaying the role of women, relegating them to one “sphere” and keeping them out of politics.

Know this: the OT, the NT, and Jesus’ teachings say the exact opposite.

 From the OT into the NT and into the present, numerous AMAZING WOMEN hold on to one contiguous cord, a lifeline that holds society together and breaks with the status quo repeatedly.

These women “fierce as lions” have been held back at arm’s length, kept in the dark, to support a system that is unbalanced and unjust.

Read and share with your daughters and sons to create a more equitable world.

Jesus said:
“Let one who seeks not stop seeking until that person finds;
and upon finding, the person will be disturbed;
and being disturbed, will be astounded;
and will reign over the entirety.”
(Gospel of Thomas)

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Redacted, No Longer! Victorious Women of the Bible who Broke the Status Quo!  First published in 2011 with a brand new final chapter in 2020: Eliminating Sex Trafficking and Child Abuse, Exposing Secret Societies, Obtaining the ERA, Using Our Unique Skillset to Effect Worldwide Change, and Avoiding Chrislam 2022

 What Will it Take to Pass the ERA: Published May 2020: My address to feminists around the world!


What will it take to Pass the ERA