new cover for publishersNot surprisingly, the Old Testament and New Testament have been consistently preached from male-led pulpits across the country from the male point of view with preference for male leadership.

But, it is to be noted that The Old Testament would have been shorter than a typical one-hundred page novella, a mere sixty-five pages in toto, if the midwives named Puah and Shiprah had acquiesced to the will of Pharaoh.

Those in Jesus’ bloodline were saved due to the quick thinking of two women living during the reign of Sobekhotep III in 1740 BC. And, they are not the only women who were called to lead by YHVH!  Here you will read the redacted stories of  numerous women who play more than a “secondary role” in the Bible and their actual names are revealed; time and again in both the OT and NT it was a woman who said yes without equivocation who was chosen to act at a pivotal/ life or death moment.

Let all who have ears hear!

Jesus said:
“Let one who seeks not stop seeking until that person finds;
and upon finding, the person will be disturbed;
and being disturbed, will be astounded;
and will reign over the entirety.”
(Gospel of Thomas)

Here to freely read is my newly updated book, Victorious Women of the Bible, First published in 2011 with a new final chapter on Women’s Activism for 2020:  Women of the Bible 2020 2.17.2020