The Biden-Schwab B.S. Plan: You won’t like it.

The Biden-Schwab “BS Plan” for 2021= The Fabian Agenda Repackaged

  1. Undermine USA, destroying  borders to the north, south, east and west…denigrating all who post the US flag, veterans in particular are targeted for being loyal to the USA.
  2. Undermine the traditional family, destroy the words used to describe mother, father, son and daughter so the only allegiance is to the WEF and there is no language that describes the former values.
  3. Undermine education, remove the pledge of allegiance, remove actual US history, remove boy/girl distinctions so a fake sense of “equality” is created.
  4. Make pedophilia a lifestyle choice, so Biden and many others on the hill don’t go to jail…
  5. Destroy the meat industry, so plant-based is the only option. Promote eating bugs for “protein.”
  6. Destroy the human soul, by removing any belief in God, to be replaced by allegiance to the WEF.
  7. Promote impotence via sex change surgery under rationale of “climate change demands fewer people.” Force one-child only on remainder. Move to no partner plan, no marriages of any kind, so the only allegiance is to the WEF.
  8. Promote moving to a megacity, so the rest of the US can be used by the WEF. They know people will not all be able to afford electric cars, so they will put in fast trains and force people to use them by making gas too expensive.
  9. Destroy the construction industry, making lumber escalate in price, so the only option is cement high rises/megacities.
  10. Promote cybercoding of robots, a “build your own replacement” model, “reskill rethink reboot” plan  created by the UN in 1950 for unveiling in 2021.
  11. Destruction of all things private, no more privacy of thought action and deed.  They will fake a cyber attack that has “covid-like characteristics” to justify putting up cameras on every street corner and in every business.
  12. Use of CRISPR, a program to change the human genome and reduce humans to no more than machines with interchangeable body parts. This requires use of fetal tissue, which is why abortion up to 9 months must be tolerated.
  13. Vaccination for depopulation purposes, rather than extermination camps, mRNA altering vaccines that modify the human genome and can be directed to cause deaths to support the artificial number the WEF thinks should inhabit the planet.
  14. Use of the MSM for enforcing only authorized narratives that support the UN and WEF aims. All other will be censored and the internet will be sponged clean of opposing viewpoints that go  404 page not found.
  15. Keep up a pretense that VOTING is by the people. The continued use of voting machines that can reverse votes to support the agenda of the WEF/UN originally called Agenda 21 but now called  The Great Reset
  16. Three-D food printers will be made and we will all be forced to use them, rather than eating organic fruits and vegetables. This plant based diet will be enforced by monitoring the sewage system.
  17. Empty churches, make people dependent upon leaders, not GOD.
  18. Sexualize children: make them accept homosexuality, pansexuality and sex at an early age.
  19. Promote alcohol, which is why package stores stayed open during the pandemic.
  20. Create chaos-foment racism and separate people so they don’t consider uniting against the NWO.
  21. Make the masses dependent upon the state for everything necessary for life.

Fauci and the CRISPR program will be revealed in the news in the coming weeks. What is CRISPR? Remaking the human genome, in other words a mad scientist plan that uses baby body parts [obtained from aborted fetuses] to create an artificial human that is “perfect” which is why Democrats favor late term abortions. Fauci is paid $417K annually; he is the highest paid “government servant” and all those on the hill have been allowing him to funnel money, our tax dollars, into CRISPR. Even our FDA [Food and Drug Administration] was involved buying fresh, never frozen BABY parts; only Judical Watch sought the truth: