Save the Children from Pedophiles, Sex Traffickers, and Body Organ Sellers

It’s more than a byline; it’s a reality that those under the age of 21 are under attack in the USA, by those ushering in the New World Order aka The Great Reset aka Globalist Agenda. Bernard, an Ex-Illuminati member, whos video is below, experienced a mental breakdown when asked to harm children and engage in sex trafficking of children for their organs. We have seen Hollywood recently exposed on Epstein flight logs; their transgender agenda is designed to break up the traditional family and create hermaphrodites via vaccines and gender changing hormones. We’ve heard of adrenochrome and children terrorized for their oxygenated blood bought by vampires as a life-enhancement drug. The Epstein connection is still unfolding… but goes up the ladder to those seated in the highest positions of government in our country and many others. The Navy Seals just found, not more than two days ago, an underground bedroom with child-like décor at the Bill Gates residence. Lin Wood has exposed both Biden and Pence in the following transcripts. Many of our politicians had direct links to Ed Buck, renowned pedophile, who put money in their election coffers. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory; it’s  a reality that the NWO considers children a commodity to be bought, sold and killed to advance “science.” Fetal tissue is used to create humanized mice, and our very own FDA was involved in the purchase and sale of human body parts from abortions. Save the Children should be the battle cry for everyone on this planet.


Full transcript with even more which I found online on May 15, 2021:

Gates and Navy Seals Investigate Bill Gates’ Residence:

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan allowed Biden to use his homes in Delaware as meeting places:

Video from Ex-Illuminati explains this further:

Gates and Navy Seals Investigate Bill Gates Residence

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Now we better understand what those mysterious envelopes meant. We know what the NWO Luciferians are up to and we have evidence of their sex trafficking and sex abuse by WHISTLEBLOWERS.