The Coup by Democrats and Why #MAGA Should Resist Their Tyrannical Agenda

Even before Donald J Trump accepted the role of 45th President, he was targeted by Democrats for impeachment. Skilled in the art of deflection, Democrats decided to create a fake Dossier about Russia to detract from their acceptance of espionage by China, clear collusion to make China the next superpower, and their promises made to the UN and WEF to push The Great Reset, a nefarious plan created by Klaus Schwab to create a one-world government and destroy all national identities.

No sooner was President Trump’s oath taken, then Californians led by Nancy Pelosi, burned his head in effigy and Adam Schiff worked to compile a narrative to impeach Trump. Forgotten, however, were the years of data that could be/and still can be mined online to show that every “fact” presented by Democrats was, in fact, a lie. And, many politicians on the hill have significant dirt on them, including tawdry sexual homosexual  and pedophile behavior to hide, due to their connections to Ed Buck and CCP sexpot spies. These are issues we must not let fall to the wayside, for they are the reason they have fought so hard for 60 years to destroy the family unit, using entertainment as the venue.

Nevertheless, Democrats engaged in a COUP. There really is no other word that can be used than  that one.  In contrast,  Biden was not duly elected, this past election was rigged by those onboard the WEF’s Great Reset abroad,  plus those in the USA who are jockeying for a top role in the New World Order, and these anti-Americans are on both sides of the aisle. No one can deny that voting windows were blocked with cardboard, ballots were found dumped on the side of the road, election numbers inexplicably changed in favor of Biden at four in the morning and ballots with only Biden marked were suddenly discovered, not to mention that Biden did not go out on the campaign trail. He was in his basement hiding out from the American people and incapable of speaking without a wire, when put in front of a camera and microphone. Biden tripped over dogs; he refused to take a mental evaluation test for Alzheimers and dementia and was given softball questions by every interviewer.

When DJTrump went to Davos to say he was not onboard The Great Reset, that’s the very moment when Democrats got the ball rolling by rigging the 2020 election and planning the release of Covid. Let us keep in mind that Event 201 was funded by the WEF, the China CDC was present, Bill Gates, and the Bloomberg Institute of Health which has forgotten its medical oath to do no harm. The actual patents to make the virus were taken out by Dr. Fauci and the NIH funded not one but three bio labs in China to make chimeric [ever changing] viruses and also worked hand in hand with the biolabs to make the “cure.” They planned to make money hand over fist both ways, not to mention the drugs needed for the side effects in the years to come and the hospital bills associated with chronic care. Covid was a boondoggle of magnanimous proportions and those who stood to make money from it “playacted” its release three months before the event at Event 201 in New York City: Adam Schiff, during the impeachment hearing, clearly said the American people could not be trusted at the ballot box and the elites on the hill had to override their choice; he also repeatedly gaveled Elise Stephanik when she tried to correct his lies. Nancy Pelosi threatened with “arrows in her quiver” after ripping up the State of the Union address. Then,  Covid was released. The connection is self-evident. You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see it.

January 6th was a reaction to constant lies from Democrats for four years, from 2016 to 2020, all an act of deflection from their traitorous roles with the CCP and the WEF. This is why Democrats have had to put barbed wire up to keep people from charging in and holding them accountable, and they will have to do so as long as they pursue The Great Reset which favors the 1% and destroys the 99%. Our politicians are supposed to represent us, not a few wealthy families at the very top of the pyramid. Following the UN goal is nothing short of utter and total tyranny.

I have written another blog post that explains The Great Reset in detail : and I would also recommend that you read about whistleblower Jane Burgermister, which explains the above quote from WHO leader and the UN plan, which involves depopulation.

The ‘Biden’ Administration, the FBI, DOJ and DOD all say “White Supremacists” are the Number 1 Terrorist threat to America, but let’s take a stroll down memory lane…and you will see it is Democrat Politicians who are to blame:

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