Resist the NWO with Pride in YOUR Country

I am an American of Italian-Sicilian heritage. I am an American first and an Italian second. My ancestors came over from Sicily in a boat like this one, looking like old world stock, speaking English and Italian simultaneosly in the same sentence. According to my father Nannu had a garden that was eight city blocks long in Chicago and spontaneously broke into poetry and set his poetry to music, with my father playing guitar. That must be why I love to garden and write and sing with reckless abandon.

I take pride in everything about the United States of America, from her rugged individualism that settled the Wild West to the fishing and whaling villages that began on the east coast, up near Maine and Connecticut. I love the diversity God created in the wildlife on both coasts, the 30+ varieties of birds that eat from my feeder every morning. I want my children to travel all over the USA as I have done, checking off each state as if on a “to do list.” I don’t just want them to just read about geography, I want them to see it with their own eyes, as I have. To live as if every minute is precious.

I want my children to go to France and eat cheese and discuss high couture fashion, just as I did with my parents. I want them to go to Germany and be amazed by beer steins that are 4 feet high and eat decadent streudel at 2 pm in the afternoon in a patio surrounded by churches 300+ years old. I want them to go to Switzerland and hear goat bells ringing early in the am as the sun rises over mountain peaks and see ethnic costumes from every hill and dale. I want them to go to Italy and see people that look like a chip off the old block with noses that look regal, not silly and upturned. I want every country to be proud of their heritage and culture and unique, often humorous, ways of doing this thing we all call life. But, we are at a crossroads here, where there are some [not even a partial majority] who want Witches Brew.

How do I describe Witches Brew? I was in Girl Scouts in the 60’s and my leaders thought it would be nice, one starry night, to have us each put our favorite can of soup into ONE big pot—that’s cream soups, beef and chicken stocks, tomato soup, potato soup, rice and noodle soups. Imagine the results. It was the most DIGUSTING thing every made by teen women and it looked like something pre-digested.

Quite freqently on Twitter as @ECMarketingLady I will post a “hell no!” GIF that is positively splendid. NO, don’t want to be melded into one NWO landmass with technocrats and a plutocracy running the show. We want to remain separate and unique and quirky and even hilarious in our political rhetoric. Only when we die will we know who got it right and who got it wrong. Maybe we will find we all saw different parts of the very same elephant, like the parable:

I sing this for my country, my America. Sing your national athem into your phone and send it me: I will add it to my post. If you don’t want it here, then put it on YOUR blog and post it. Let’s go around the world and show the NWO, WEF, CFR Davos elite [who want to tear down what each of our countries built up over centuries] so a few bankers can acquire even MORE control than they already have, like a huge hydra with multiple venemous heads! Lord, spare us such an outcome.

God Bless America by Rose Ferreri, sung acapella 4/26/2021

God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above

From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home

God bless America, my home sweet home