How To Stop The Great Reset and Gain our Country Back

As stated in my last blog post, the WEF/Davos/Bilderberger 1%-ers  want to control your every movement using algorithms and create a one-world government without independent currency systems, so they make money around the clock at a faster rate without any exchange rate involved. Everything else is window dressing around that truth. They also think there are too many people on the planet, and call depopulation [using vaccines] a necessary part of any “climate change” plan.

So, how do we stop their radical and nefarious goals?

By looking at their aims and moving in the opposite direction with purposeful and deliberate steps.

#1. The first thing we need to do is disconnect our phones from their online data bank that tracks us. Get a landline. Ditch your cell phone. They don’t need to know your purchases or your whereabouts. The last time I ordered “black ant king” for my husband my bank flagged the purchase. I went into the bank and asked them why, and I got the following response: “It didn’t look like your usual purchase.” My retort was: “How do YOU know what I usually purchase?” “Well what is it?” the banker asked, wagging his head. So, to embarrass the living daylights out of him, I said the following: “A sex pill to prolong duration by a full day and drive one into a state of ecstasy, if  you really think you ‘need to know‘…sir.” That put an end to Wells Fargo ever flagging my account again. His face may still be red to this day.

#2. Stop using pay per click to sell items online and stop buying based on the pay per click ads you see. Go back to doing things the old fashioned way– talking to the maker of the product by phone, doing cost and quality comparisons, visiting the stop, and thinking before you purchase. They [the WEF] is counting on you going on auto-pilot. Don’t. Don’t be one of those people who gets led down a “sales funnel,” buying things you really don’t need just because you  are awake at four in the morning and the “buy one get one free, just pay shipping” narrative is “too incredible to resist.” Try to remember the PR techniques taught to you in high school English class: glittering generalities, celebrity testimonials, sex appeal, get on the bandwagon because you don’t want to be left behind ie fear of lack] , errors of omission [this drug will take out your kidneys trying to get rid of teen acne].  Every time I see the reverse mortgage commercial and Tom Selleck saying, “They’re [bankers] not trying to take your house,” I jump up from the couch and say, “they sure as the sun rises are!”

#3. The folks that attend Davos want to move you out of your fully paid off homes and into high rises called “megacities” so move out to the country, buy land, raise cattle and sheep and cows for milking. Do the exact opposite. Don’t let them consolidate power by buying US homes and forcing your into a cement city. They are raising the cost of gas, to make car travel more difficult to push this agenda. So, you have to resist the “attraction” of moving like a rat down the street with a thousand other rats all wearing suits and carrying briefcases. Just watch a video of New York City, if you don’t know what I am talking about. Here you go:

#4. They want you to eat a plant based diet, despite your having incisors for meat eating in your mouth. If God had wanted you to be a leaf-eating elephant, don’t you think your mouth would be absent these incisors? So, you are meant to enjoy steak and chicken and fish. Once you destroy the cilia in your stomach with whatever is in their green powder… you may lose the ability to eat normal food again. Get that grill fired up!

#5. They want to break up the US family with co-habitation and swinging by non-married couples, primarily to increase sex transmitted disease, which leads to impotency. So marry the person you love.  Get down on one knee and propose. Raise enough children to start your own family company, in fact.  Don’t tolerate their one-child only plan in the works:

#6. Create an organic garden in your backyard and don’t use any pesticides. When you do, you will find tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoesm once again. The “organics” they have in the store are allowed “certain kinds of pesticides”…they are not pesticide free. And, of course, avoid at GMO’s, genetically modified food, which your cells will deem a foreign entity, and set forth to attack it, generating an immune response that leads to health failure.

#7.  The WEF would like to move to 5G, which expels far more radiation than 2G, so resist “upgrading” and do not allow towers to be put up near your home and on people’s roofs without your permission. The frequencies used for the new mobile technology harm people’s immune systems so that they are easy targets for viruses and I am sure you do not want to cook from within and get radiation cancer.

#8. Benefits of Gin and Tonic with Lime:

  • Gin can help fight illnesses. …
  • Gin aids with digestion. …
  • Gin flushes out toxins. …
  • Gin keeps your skin healthy and bright. …
  • Gin promotes weight loss. …
  • Gin eases arthritis. …
  • Gin leads to an increased lifespan.

Why are we not told about simple cures like a gin and tonic with lime. Why? Answer:  it doesn’t benefit big pharma. Be sure to check this list and find out if your doctor is a PIMP for any of the major pharmaceutical companies. Some make their whole annual salary being shills.

#9. Avoid all businesses that demand vaccine paperwork. Do not allow the US to become 1940 Germany or Big Brother 1984. If you tolerate this invasion of privacy, YOU are the problem. YOU are the type to have turned in Jews rather than the type who hid them in your home. YOU are the type that will look the other way if they “cancel” half the population in ovens. Read Naomi Wolf’s book, Letters to a Young Patriot and open your eyes. We are on the cusp of a totalitarian takeover.

#10.  HEADS UP and ALL HANDS ON DECK: We need to recognize we are not under a “Biden Administration.” We are under The Great Reset and the self-appointed leader is Klaus Schwab. Biden did not create the plan you see unfolding; the Davos elite did. You should follow them more closely, because three months before Covid’s release, they were talking about it at Event 201… and the threat of a “Dark Winter” came from them too; in fact they playacted both scenarios, along with a Cyber Attack… and “Atlantic Storm.” You cannot afford not to keep your eye on the World Economic Forum.