Covid and Freemasonry: NWO #33 used repeatedly

These links were found on the first TWO pages of google when you type in the words: “33 cases of covid.” There are many, many more on pages 3-17. The New World Order = Agenda 21 = The Great Reset= WEF= Davos= Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

UGA reports 33 cases:

Sweden registers 8,304 new COVID-19 cases, 33 deaths on Thursday

Green River District reports 33 new COVID-19 cases

N.J. reports 33 COVID deaths, 2,993 cases. Virus transmission rate drops

Oregon reports 33 more COVID-19 related deaths, 3 in Central Oregon; 544 new cases

Michigan Reports 7,955 New COVID-19 Cases, 33 Deaths Wednesday

Kern Country Public Health reports 33 new Covid 19 cases

Massachusetts Covid 19 Dashboard, 33 new deaths

SC reports 571 new COVID-19 cases, 33 more deaths Saturday

Nearly three dozen COVID-19 variant cases are in Alachua County. Here’s what we know.

Maharashtra: Thane records 5,566 new Covid-19 cases, 33 deaths in a day

3 days ago — WACO, Texas – 33 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in McLennan County. There is now a total of 26439 cases. [This page has gone 404 since being posted,why?] showing they are hiding the truth]

Clark County records 33 new COVID-19 cases as 14-day case total rise

Harrison County reports 33 new cases, no new fatalities from COVID-19 in past week

Niagara County has 33 new COVID-19 cases, total of 257 active cases

Skiatook has 33 active cases of COVID-19, Sperry has

Oregon reports 33 deaths, 544 new COVID-19 case

Turkey becomes the 33rd county:

Brown County Public Health reported 33 new laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases Tuesday

33 new cases of COVID-19 in Plymouth schools

Dec. 24, 2020 COVID-19 Update: 129 New Cases (79 O‘ahu, 33 Maui, 13 Hawai‘i Island, 1 Kaua‘i, 3 Out-of-State)

Monday COVID-19 Update: Summit County Reports 33 New Cases, Wasatch County Reports 35

33 new cases of COVID reported in Steuben County

Chippewa County adds 33 new COVID-19 cases Monday, 991 cases still active

Canada reports 33 Covid Cases

This one jumps right to 33 STATES:

The times has come for us to question the synchronized messaging we are hearing!

There is no doubt in my mind that elites are mocking us not just with the use of 33 but with their song and dance acts. The first was in London at the 2012 Games, dancing nurses and demons overhead:

We see this again with nurses dancing, despite the “dangers of Covid” in empty hospital hallways. So much time to kill, they have made up choreographed routines. The thought is revolting and with drone footage it really is so far over the top of anything that could possibly be considered “honoring the dead.”

The Great Reset/Gross Regret did begin in the UK… with Prince Charles and Klaus Schwab. Let’s put 2 + 2 together, shall we?

Complete with HD drone footage!!

Worst crisis ever!

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