Every Economic Woe Your Family Feels in 2021 is due to “The Great Reset”

Contrary to what you may think, we are not under a Biden administration; we are under the influence of the World Economic Forum and “The Great Reset” which was designed by Klaus Schwab and a handful of elite tech, pharma and banking corporations who attend Davos annually to PLOT how to change the world without the input of the countrymen and women who are going to be effected.  I don’t know what else to call that but TREASON.

So start here: https://trance-formation.com/video/

This plot is not brand new; it was hatched starting in 1950’s by corrupt individuals who want a one-world government so they can create algorithms to make money around the clock without the hindrance of exchange rates. That’s it in a nutshell; everything else I am going to tell you is but camouflage around that idea to hide it from view. And, they were pretty successful for 50 years, weren’t they? They met in Davos, took over the town, and had armed guards protect them from the MSM and the general public. The Bilderbergers before them did the same thing, meeting at the CA Bohemian Grove compound. WIRED magazine has an excellent article regarding their history and intentions: https://www.wired.com/1999/12/schwab/#:~:text=Klaus%20Schwab%2C%20mastermind%20of%20the,policymakers%20face%2Dto%2Dface.

“A company must have a billion-dollar turnover to be eligible, and then must pony up aboaut $13,500 in annual dues plus $7,700 to send a representative to Davos. Staff works 18 hour days and are not allowed to hire extra people because of security. Every five feet around the hotel are police officers and sharpshooters are on the roof and apartment balconies behind the hotel.”

It is at Davos that the idea of “climate change” was hatched and there are many scientists who recognize it as a smoke and mirrors magician’s act to promote businesses that the elite already own in artificial intelligence, Mars space exploration, electric car production, wind and solar production, construction printers that can excrete a cement home in 24 hours, 3-D printers for plant-based food products, robot police, and more. It is at Davos that theses elites decided to promote gender surgery and increase LGBT and cross-gender activity, for they think there are far too many people on the planet and hormone “therapies” will make people impotent. Depopulation is a big part of their agenda. It is at Davos that teachers were considered irrelevant and robots were proposed to teach children and become their siblings since one-child families were going to become the norm. It is at Davos, our men in blue were considered replaceable with robots and several companies were given the first bids to make them. It is at Davos that the “plant-based diet” was conceived with beef and chicken being forbidden due to “lack of sustainability.”

The reason you have not heard of the World Economic Forum on any MSM or Cspanwj or their plan called “The Great Reset” is willful censorship by our MSM and those that own and control it. The Great Reset has also been called Agenda 21 by the UN, but the mission is the same. The UN, CDC, WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the John Hopkins Bloomberg Institute for Public Health, NIAID and the WEF are all working in sync to change the world as we know it by 2025, using COVID as the catalyst. Three months before the first outbreak of COVID they were meeting in NYC at Event 201 to discuss the total breakdown of society to come. That has been captured on five videos on their own website! A member of the China CDC was even present! This is why we keep hearing from those same agencies on MSM and Cspanwj; they have unified their narrative and no other viewpoints are being tolerated.

Who’s Behind the Global Effort to Silence Critics of the ‘Great Reset?’

The Publicis Groupe, an international PR firm, is a partner with the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy. Publicis represents tech, pharma and banking corporations, all of which have partnerships with the U.S. government and global NGOs. In the 1920’s we had Edward Bernays using PR for government propaganda; now, in 2021, we have The Publicis Groupe.


Wilkileaks was right; all of our news comes from the SAME source= identical script regardless of channel.

Before I go much further, please take the time to read the FAUCI COVID 19 DOSSIER by Dr. Martin who has been censored on all forms of social media and Youtube for telling the truth. You will see that a moratorium on this gain-of-function study should have put a halt to it in North Carolina in the year 2010, but it continued, then was moved to Wuhan. It is Dr. Fauci who signed his name to these patents. I have downloaded the file and kept it on my computer, for I fear Google will continue to censor the truth and make the page go “404”–page not found. Quality information has been disappearing at an alarming rate since Jan 2020.

Biden has gone on record saying it is time for a New World Order [NWO]. What you see unfolding is that NWO, and it has a very carefully crafted plan that it is imposing on all of us, and in every country, full steam ahead. Joe Biden: New World Order : https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4898616/user-clip-biden-nwo

The catalyst was always going to be a race riot followed by a pandemic. Democrats adore Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and Frances Fox Pivens’s violent agenda which includes strikes and riots. Hence, that is why, in my opinion, a black man was “sacrificed” for the cause of changing our democracy into a plutocracy.

I have listed for you below numerous articles that will help you understand what is truly going on. Trump attempted to stop the NWO, but the WEF enlisted the help of several countries onboard “The Great Reset” to skew our election and rig the ballot box. We do not see other countries rioting against “The Great Reset” due to US censorship, which is rampant in print and online, but they most definitely are vocal and fighting back. The UK and Australia are resisting globalism with everything they have and they are fervently against an mRNA “vaccine” which is causing anaphylaxis leading to death from blood clots and other neurological problems.

If you, dear Patriot, shut down and hide out in fear of cancel culture, you will have nobody but yourself to blame if our country is reduced to a totalitarian regime. The time to speak up is now or you may be forever forced to hold your tongue and walk in WEF CCP lockstep. Since Bill Clinton took office, the CCP has been engaging in espionage to fullfill their takeover by 2025, also known as the “Thousand Talents Plan” and Clinton, Obama and Biden have all played an instrumental role in diminishing the USA as a superpower; that is the unvarnished and ugly TRUTH:

“No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the World Economic Forum”: https://mises.org/wire/no-privacy-no-property-world-2030-according-wef#:~:text=The%20World%20Economic%20Forum%20(WEF)%20was%20founded%20fifty%20years%20ago.&text=Individual%20liberty%20and%20private%20property,from%20the%20World%20Economic%20Forum.

The following video by Nick Hudson was deleted from Youtube for telling an “unauthorized version” of the Covid mask mandate. When you find information like this, be certain to download to your computer and republish under a new name, as I have done. Take screenshots of articles and print them out before the author is forced to remove them. Be strong and be unafraid. There are millions of people who still don’t know the truth and we cannot afford to have this vital data redacted!

Shi Zhengli, Ralph Baric, and Dr. Fauci: The MAKING of Covid 19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0ykB7elFyw&list=PLfpRySqe-6fcRLchRYGWeNLMYjDDutLZM&index=73&ab_channel=DEMOCREPUBLIXNEWS

They are in denial, but the PATENTS taken out by Fauci for Baric and Shi Zhengli don’t lie.

Keep in mind that our government knew the full extent of the damage done: Radio Free Asia wrote this article in Feb. 2020 and it is based in New York City, just like Event 201. https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/cremate-02142020105822.html

Weaponizing the Coronavirus: https://www.organicconsumers.org/blog/shi-zhengli-weaponizing-coronaviruses-pentagon-funding-chinese-military-lab

Top Military Leaders Know Coronavirus is a Biowarfare Weapon: https://www.independentnews.com/mailbox/top-military-leaders-know-covid-19-is-a-bioweapon/article_5b68a90e-8518-11ea-9ff3-4bf68e3794ae.html

Event 201, playacting a bat virus pandemic on October 18, 2019 in NYC: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/videos.html

Why is Gates Denying His Involvement in Event 201? https://www.nationalheraldindia.com/international/why-is-gates-denying-event-201

Bill Gates: “You don’t have a choice”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUChdrL6Cd8&t=23s&ab_channel=GingerTaylor

 Violent Agenda to Start the Great Reset: Three articles you must read:

  1. https://www.nationalreview.com/2011/01/frances-fox-pivens-violent-agenda-stanley-kurtz/
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/10/nyregion/frances-fox-piven-democratic-socialism.html
  3. https://eppc.org/publications/frances-fox-pivena%C2%80%C2%99s-violent-agenda/

The Great Reset uses Pivens + the CCP dictatorship Mao lesson plan which is “Be PC” and go along + Alinsky’s book w/accolades given to Lucifer in the preface.

  1. https://thehill.com/opinion/energy-environment/504499-introducing-the-great-reset-world-leaders-radical-plan-to 
  2. A skeptical look at the ‘great reset’: a technocratic agenda that waited years for a global crisis to exploit by Tim Hinchliffe: https://sociable.co/technology/skeptical-great-reset-technocratic-agenda-waited-years-crisis-exploit/
  3. https://mises.org/wire/lockdowns-great-reset
We were warned years in advance…just look at the cover of George magazine.

Prior to this year, implementing worldwide lockdowns that destroy businesses, wreck the economy, and leave people destitute and stripped of their constitutional rights while trying to enact invasive contact tracing, immunity passports, and otherwise massive bio-electronic surveillance apparatuses would never have been accepted by the citizens of a free society.”

WEF Plan Unveiled: “You Will Own Nothing…and Rent Everything”: SkyNews Australia Blows the Whistle on Davos:

Second link confirms the same: https://www.climatedepot.com/2020/11/03/watch-2016-video-world-economic-forums-utopian-great-reset-vision-of-2030-youll-own-nothing-and-youll-be-happy-whatever-you-want-youll-rent-itll-be-delivered-by-drone-meat/

The Free Market Foundation hits back and does an excellent job whistleblowing on the “Davos Congratulation Fest.”

85 Million Jobs will be lost to start “The Great Reset”: They have already begun with oil, next is coal. Biden is telling MINERS to cyber code: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/20/wef-says-machines-will-create-jobs-but-warns-of-pandemic-disruption.html and https://www.climatedepot.com/2020/10/23/put-them-in-jail-biden-demanded-fossil-fuel-execs-be-locked-up-in-2019-noam-chomsky-biden-on-climate-is-farther-to-the-left-than-any-dem-candidate-in-memory-n/

These are the jobs the WEF expects to be lost to machines by 2025:

  • Data entry clerks
  • Administrative and executive secretaries
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks
  • Accountants and auditors
  • Assembly and factory workers
  • Business services and administration managers
  • Client information and customer service workers
  • General and operations managers
  • Mechanics and machinery repairers
  • Material-recording and stock-keeping clerks

You don’t know it yet, but cyper coding a ROBOT will be your next job… “Rethink, Reskill and Reboot.”

Davos Depopulation Plan; here is link and video as proof there are whistleblowers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ-Fk2x9vY8&ab_channel=FriendsofScience

How about that? If you cannot tolerate The Great Reset, commit suicide.

Gates Pushes Depopulation Vaccine: https://www.physicalexamnyc.com/depopulation-gates-pushes-nanoparticle-vaccine-giant-leap-against-mankind/

You will no longer eat beef: https://www.weforum.org/reports/building-back-better-an-action-plan-for-the-media-entertainment-and-culture-industry

Sophia Robot: The Stepford Wife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0_DPi0PmF0&ab_channel=CNBC

Planned Destruction of the American Family: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/05/what-will-the-family-of-the-future-look-like/

Marriage, Sex and parenthood shall be separated to create low fertility and new family forms were to be applauded—non-marital fertility, lone parenthood and cohabitating couple families.”

Future of Intimacy is Abysmal: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2020/11/30/future-of-intimacy-sex-bots-virtual-reality-and-smart-sex-toys/?sh=4869c6538fa3

Robot teachers replace human beings: https://www.facebook.com/worldeconomicforum/videos/by-2030-students-will-be-learning-from-robot-teachers-10-times/10154152062351479/

Police Robots instead of our men in blue; the companies to make them have already been lined up in DEM-led states. https://builtin.com/robotics/police-robot-law-enforcement

3-D Printing will change the way you eat: https://interestingengineering.com/3d-printing-will-change-the-way-you-eat-in-2020-and-beyond

Build Back Better without Beef: https://www.beefmagazine.com/agenda/build-back-better-without-beef

This is not a Vaccine, it is an RNA Changing, Irreversible Genetic Modification: https://newtube.app/user/Darek/rjkE32b

Vaccine adverse reactions includes anaphylaxis: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/277564 Even JAMA is being censored for talking about side effects.

Banned from YouTube: Dr. Simone Gold shares the truth about COVID vaccines: https://rumble.com/vd2y2j-banned-from-youtube-dr.-simone-gold-shares-the-truth-about-the-covid-19-vac.html

“Cancel culture” is eroding history on purpose to push a new history that has nothing to do with facts or science. The first black people to arrive in the US were not brought over as slaves; they came over as free agents, like all European immigrants, and brought four children with them and owned several hundreds of acres of land which was made productive due to the slaves THEY used on their plantation. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/anthony-and-mary-johnson-are-pioneers-on-the-eastern-shore-whose-surprising-story-tells-much-about-race-in-virginia-history/2019/04/29/aefaec8e-605d-11e9-bfad-36a7eb36cb60_story.html

As for Dr. Seuss… I guess “cancel culture” has never read Pale Green Pants; they are too busy “Picking a PECK of SNIDE.”

The “megacities” envisioned by the WEF look like hell on earth to me. Pushing mass numbers of people into high rise apartments will increase both pollution and crime. Even the Pentagon says this will be a disaster.

I said during the last election you have two choices: Trump and Pro-America or Biden and “The Great Reset” NWO plan created in Davos. The MSM and social media did their level best to engage in subterfuge, cancelling anyone who told the truth. We were censored and many were duped into voting for Biden and “The Great Reset.” Keep in mind that TRUMP went to the UN and specifically told them he was NOT onboard Agenda 21/The Great Reset; then our election was skewed by the globalists and a deadly virus was released upon the world to start their depopulation plan.

I love the United States of America and I am a proud nationalist with a husband who has faithfully served for eight years in the USMC as a police officer, dedicated to immigration enforcement and drug enforcement. When you say “thank you for your service,” you are thanking him for keeping drugs like cocaine and marijuana and illegal aliens, many of whom are “coyotes” trafficking in drugs, women and children out of our country. My husband will tell you that freedom is not free; it came at the cost of many patriots’ lives over the past 256 years. As a woman, I refuse to play or feel like a victim. I take as my role models the many women of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, who refused to obey ungoldly leaders and recognized in their soul they were called to do more than bear witness to inhumanity. They took direct action. Let’s be honest, the Bible would be a very short book, a 60-page novella really, if it were not for the quick-thinking women named Puah and Shiprah who refused to obey the orders of an Egyptian king! My book is below [as a downloadable link] for you to read for free and gain the same audacious COURAGE, ladies; plus, I have learned how to shoot a rifle and pistol and I shoot them well, just like women on the wild western frontier, for self defense. Like Esther, I choose to believe I was specifically born for this critical moment in time because of my ability to speak up and do what is needed, rather than follow the “status quo” and be “politically correct” and passive. If you have ever met an American of Sicilian descent you know this: we are not passive.