“A man who stops advertising to save money…

is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”-Henry Ford


Website Design & SEO package

photoA stellar compass takes a blueprint to create and so does an amazing website. Take a look at my latest launch–The Carpenter Craftsman. This site is not only densely packed with helpful information that is updated bi-monthly; it is search engine optimized to come up on Google for the key terms used by the client: carpenter, craftsman, Apex, and North Carolina. The choice of URL was a deliberate one,  planned to ensure the site would be indexed quickly on Google.

What is included in my blueprint for success for YOUR company?

  • I will create up to ten business pages that are SEO optimized using your key terms with unique content that captivates your audience and anticipates their questions
  • You will be listed in 50 directories, creating backlinks that improve ranking organically. 
  • Written testimonials will be pulled from places they have been posted online to shine on your site.
  • I will include a slideshow and magazine about your company’s products or services.
  • Every business has a raison d’etre. Your company website  will be the place to tell your story. You will provide me with the facts and I will write the content.
  • Coupons will be included on your website, where they are easy for your customers to download and print.
  • I will add a calendar where you can post events, open houses, and sales.
  • I will set up a referral page, which you can use to list your personal recommendations, selling those ad spots or using them to create a solid business network of you own, akin to that used by BNI.  
  •  I will set up your Twitter and FB business accounts to generate interest in your company.
  • I will write one press release announcing the launch of your company.
  • You will be included in The Ultimate NC Relocation Guide to reach newcomers to the area before your competitors. I am the publisher of that online guide!

I charge $3500 to create a website like The Carpenter Craftsman–$1500 to start and $500 per month thereafter, payable in four installments. Those that pay in full receive a 10% discount. This price does not include your URL purchase from Go-Daddy, which will depend entirely upon the popularity of the name you choose,  or the server fee of $15/month, to keep your site up and running online 24-7 on Weebly.

Once completed, you will be given an owner’s manual, so you can make updates daily if desired and are always in control of your business destiny online.