publicity pictureIs your business moving back and forth like the “push-me-pull-you” in Dr. Doolittle? While an adorable children’s plot, it’s hardly something you want to see in a business plan.

After you have repeatedly put money into a pay-per-click campaign with no measurable results (actual sales), it’s hard to admit you are moving in the wrong direction.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Know this: you are not alone in wanting a far better business blueprint for 2020.

Slow and steady is not only the best course of the day,  it wins the race and is the ethical way to earn customers. Slow and steady involves refreshing your website with excellent CONTENT that gives visitors a REASON to return. Your website and all communications should ANTICIPATE the questions your potential clients have swirling in their heads and want answered. Your job is to move your potential customers/clients from a position of fear of the unknown to comfort, even excitement, about using your product or service.

So, be honest. Be real. Be factual. Be thought provoking. Don’t charge forward with those  spamming “offers” to  potential clients by text, email and push notifications. Yes, you might feel like you are a salmon moving upstream against the current, but at least you will not fall off the cliff with the lemmings!

Be of genuine benefit of 2020. That is my wish for you.

Wordsmith and Business Coach,

Rosanne Ferreri


Book Recommendation for 2020


I found this little book on the cusp of the New Year’s start and found it very thought provoking. After being grateful that the author taught me how to pronounce Lykke,  I learned that the Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet. Believe it or not, their focus is not on wealth attainment and status, but upon giving others a leg-up and meeting community needs so joy can be had by all. Luxury cars with bling plates aren’t their highest aim, nor are Taj Mahal homes for two people, purchased solely to impress.

They somehow figured out that flaunting wealth in this manner is gauche and creating envy doesn’t actually increase happiness, but is a sign of dysfunction. And, just to be clear, they are firm believers in personal responsibility at the same time!

Read it. Who know what may happen? You might even become a happier person by questioning the status quo. I smile just thinking about the fact that there exists a Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen that considers world happiness a worthwhile pursuit!