Using my BA in English Education from St. Olaf College, I write copy that educates and calls people to action. A quality website is just one of the tools you need to grow your business in 2018, but it’s a necessity. Press Releases are still a necessity throughout the year; they keep you in the local news and spotlight! Well-written content trumps PPC and cumbersome analytics campaigns every time, and I firmly believe ranking on Google should be earned not bought. 

In addition to a well-designed website, I recommend Sentext. I am a representative for that company,  because I believe in their product. Everyone carries a phone and a simple text with a special offer works far better than an email newsletter blast with autoresponders which typically has a very low open rate of 15%, telemarketing which annoys your customers in the middle of their work day, or following/liking people on Twitter and FB. Since our phones have become attached to our hands 24/7,  it has trumped all other marketing campaigns;  its one limitation is character count, and this is why you STILL need a strong website in 2018 to tell the full story about what you do and why you do it. I can help you do both!

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My rates are posted on the “RATES” page and vary by project.


My perfect client is …

Someone who trusts my skills and expertise and gives constructive criticism so the project concludes on time, within budget and with a grade of A+.