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My background is in teaching our native tongue—ENGLISH—to those in grades 7-12. I enjoyed teaching and held teaching certification in both MN and TN before launching Concise Editing in 1993 and have worked with both for-profit and non-profit organizations as a Business Development Manager. Sometimes that has meant creating an email or print campaign to fund a one-of-a-kind product or program; other times, I have built a new website for a company without one. I work on two platforms—Weebly and WordPress—and my preference is Weebly because it loads faster and has far better SEO options and add-on apps. I revamped my business in 2010 and changed from the moniker Concise Editing begun in 1993 to East Coast Marketing Lady, a full-service PR agency. I develop strategies for new business pursuits and retention opportunities, applying targeting and sales principles to uncover target client needs, identify win themes, create compelling messages, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and identify benefits for target clients. Then, I transform strategic thinking into persuasive deliverables. I am a self-directed person who can work with others when required but works equally well solo.

To be frank, I work primarily with companies that want to use what is best from around the world, but put America First because they are American citizens; they value our Constitution, back our men in blue, truly honor the sacrifice made by all of our men in uniform, value the traditional family terms—mother, father, son and daughter—as the bedrock for society and aspire to be charitable givers, using their business model as a conduit.My husband, a USMC veteran, who faithfully served for eight years as both a police officer and immigration enforcement officer, will tell you that freedom isn’t free and we should not take it for granted.

I have used social media since it was first conceived in 1997. No group of people and no viewpoints deserve to be cancelled or censored. Censorship, cancel culture and critical race theory have no place in a free and democratic society. If I ruled the world, employment applications would never be able to ask your race, birth date/age, graduation date, which gender pronouns you prefer, or ask you to upload a photo. You will note from the book I authored in 2010 and updated in 2020 that I am in favor of gender equality and I am an activist for women’s rise to leadership roles, seated at the tables where decisions are being made about their lives, their opportunities, and society as a whole. It is patently obvious that women should be paid equal to men if they are doing the same work. I do not want our children to be told how to think; education comes from educare which means to “draw forth” not brainwash into a particular mindset. I am an advocate for children’s mental, physical and emotional safety, for they are our future, and they are best raised by their parents and not the government.

I am a believer in natural healing; I have had only five vaccines since birth: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, and smallpox and I am heathier for it. No, I don’t plan to get the Covid vaccine. I avoid advice from doctors who are on the Dollars for Docs list and get kickbacks from big pharma. I put more credence in Dr. Martin than the CDC and I prefer to listen to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and The Defender most of all. If you sit at the computer, as I do for work, or do manual labor and are looking for pain relief, I recommend getting up and taking a nice walk instead of taking a drug; even an aspirin has side effects.

As a woman, I refuse to play or feel like a victim. I take as my role models the many women of the Bible in both the Old and New Testament who refused to obey ungoldly leaders and recognized in their soul they were called to do more than bear witness to inhumanity. They took direct action. Let’s be honest, the Bible would be a very short book, a 60-page novella really, if it were not for the quick-thinking women named Puah and Shiprah who refused to obey the orders of an Egyptian king! My book is on my author page for you to read at no charge and gain the same audacious courage. I hold a concealed carry permit and have learned how to shoot both a rifle and pistol for self defense; that also means I have been through an extensive background check and passed with flying colors.

Sadly, most people do not know that PR [public relations] was actually created by Edward Bernays for the purpose of government propaganda in the 1920’s and many continue to use it for political gain in 2021. I think the only proper role for public relations is to impart, not obfuscate, the truth. And that is the only purpose for which I will use it on your behalf.

Rosanne [Rose] Ferreri 🇺🇸

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