publicity pictureTo all North Carolina women who are running their own businesses, welcome to my site!

Is your business moving back and forth like the “push-me-pull-you” in Dr. Doolittle, staying in one spot?

Your website and all forms of communication should anticipate the questions potential clients want answered and be a complete resource once it is found online. Your job is to move clients from a position of fear of the unknown to trust. Trust is won, not bought. Smart women use the time-tested trifecta when they sell to other women–Consistent branding in all of your communications, fresh web content that is updated weekly, and a PR campaign that is genuine.

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Be honest. Be real. Be factual. Be thought provoking. Don’t charge forward with those  spamming “offers” to  potential clients by text, email and push notifications.

My focus in 2020 will be on promoting women-led small businesses and those co-owned by husbands and wives. Why?

Because women set achievable sales goals, women prioritize without being myopic, women know that short-cuts often lead to dead end roads and that’s why they use a map, and women have superior time management skills, fine honed from taking care of husband, children, aging parents and their own career aspirations at the same time.  Women hold 60% of the personal wealth in the USA and have the majority of purchasing power.


One in three NC businesses are women-led; this percentage has increased 138% in the past 20 years. Nationally, NC ranks 7th, which should be a source of pride for the state; Charlotte ranks No. 1 with Raleigh not too far behind at No. 16. That is why I launched in 2020 The Ultimate NC Relocation Guide. Women want more flexibility over their schedule and the ability to balance family and work and reject the concept of a “glass ceiling” or a “broken rung” that prevents them from claiming top management positions. Here is a great article– a veritable State of the Union address– regarding equity in the workplace: Women_in_the_Workplace_2019_mobile

2020 is the Year of the Woman and I want to be instrumental in your success to achieve more that you ever thought possible.

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Rosanne Ferreri, the East Coast Marketing Lady

Book Recommendation for 2020


I found this little book on the cusp of the New Year’s start and found it very thought provoking. After being grateful that the author taught me how to pronounce Lykke,  I learned that the Danes are some of the happiest people on the planet. Believe it or not, their focus is not on wealth attainment and status, but upon giving others a leg-up and meeting community needs so joy can be had by all. Luxury cars with bling plates aren’t their highest aim, nor are Taj Mahal homes for two people, purchased solely to impress.

They somehow figured out that flaunting wealth in this manner is gauche and creating envy doesn’t actually increase happiness, but is a sign of dysfunction. And, just to be clear, they are firm believers in personal responsibility at the same time!

Read it. Who know what may happen? You might even become a happier person by questioning the status quo. I smile just thinking about the fact that there exists a Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen that considers world happiness a worthwhile pursuit!