Public Relations is not for propaganda; Public Relations is to promote a product HONESTLY.

Character: “To hold firm to one’s values, no matter what storms may come or the norms may be.”

In a nutshell, I am a C-level Business Director who figures out what competitors in your industry are doing and then makes a plan to position your company in a niche role. I work with companies that can proudly say, “Our product is 100% Made in the USA.”

I have a BA from St. Olaf College in Secondary English Education, literature and grammar and 20+ years of experience growing businesses from the ground up. I segued from classroom teaching six periods of English, theatre, and public speaking into the business realm in 1993 and, given education trends of late, I am very glad I did so.

Since 1993, I have worn many hats including CEO and Director of Business Development and Director of Marketing, which has been valuable for my clients; I can see things not from just one pegged position in a company, but from the vantage point of different roles, noting the entire scope of purpose and the missing pieces or weak links that require pruning or repair. I have had to rely upon my own sales skills and moxie, so I know what it takes to find clients and deliver five-star service. I have used all of the Microsoft products necessary for running a business. As an independent consultant, I write proposals for work every day and I determine the value of that work, which differs based on the skill set used. I am a skilled negotiator who knows her own worth and is savvy in contract negotiation.

I seek projects that unite all of my skills for a cause that is meaningful and deserves to take center stage. I can write compelling content, design events and seminars that draw crowds, create new market strategies for a client base you have never considered, focus on delivering add-on services to existing clients, or improve your business plan–wearing a new hat each day. I can brainstorm a better way to deliver services and write a training manual that brings out the best in your staff. In, sum, I transform strategic thinking into persuasive deliverables that are based in fact not hoopla.

Everyone is accountable to someone and, since 2010, my bosses have been my clients and all of them have been CEO’s as well. To be honest, it has been lovely being able to go directly to the top brass and get an answer back in 24 hours, rather than in 24 days by committee. I am working FT now; my experience is demonstrable in my portfolio, shown upon request. I have already taken both the Briggs test and Predictive Index. I am a Commander, Mastermind and Teacher…which doesn’t surprise anyone who knows me well.

If you subscribe to Critical Race Theory, 58 flavors of gender, globalism and “The Great Reset” vs. America First, I would simply ask you to simply pass over my resume, for none of those progressive ideas match with my values and I only work with those that can proudly say, “Our product is Made in America. We had a choice where to locate our company…and we chose AMERICA FIRST.”


Rosanne [Rose] Ferreri