Character: “To hold firm to one’s values, no matter what storms may come or the norms may be.”

Public Relations is not for propaganda; Public Relations is to promote a product HONESTLY.

A norm does not imply ethical standards have been applied; it is just like finding the mean in an equation. Take two radically different numbers, add them together and divide by two.

In a nutshell, I am a C-level Business Director who figures out what competitors in your industry are doing and then crafts a plan to position your company in a niche role. I have helped twenty companies to launch with CEOs who just had a few ideas scribbled on a notepad. I have used my BA in Secondary English Education from St. Olaf College in MN to open doors for me in business development, marketing online and in print, authoring and proofreading books, networking, and writing provocative communications that inspire people.

My focus to date has been on small US companies where the product is Made from start to finish in America. In that role, I am a go-to-market specialist, developing vertical products or services to help the company grow. I have worked from my own home office since 1993 and have the latest equipment and software to handle all communication projects.

My work has not been pegged in one industry: I have worked with those in the building industry, those with nutrition supplements for humans and pets, children’s book authors, real estate investors, USMC Corp Veterans who wanted a website for their league, the wedding industry, and even a solar panel company/energy industry. I have engaged in networking at the Chamber of Commerce and business events and fairs on behalf of my clients, in addition to creating their websites.

I have worked on ad design for print and digital PR, created PowerPoint presentations and spoken before groups, while also creating newsletters and curriculum to teach a particular group a particular skill. Named top female blogger in 2010, I have developed a Blueprint for Success for female entrepreneurs; originally made in 2009, I am now revamping it for 2021 since so many entrepreneurs are working remotely.

In addition, I have authored two books that are on my “Author” page [Stolen Election: A Novella about the Great Reset and New World Order Coup on America www.StolenElectionNovella.com and Redacted No Longer! The Strong and Victorious Women of the Bible Who Broke the “Status Quo” and Saved Society from Destruction Click here]. I have uncovered activities our MSM and politicians would rather remain hidden, as an independent investigative journalist: http://www.stolenelectionnovella.com/censored-news.html I have also written scripts that were used on radio shows and runways. My thinking is both long and short-term when helping a business launch and I think the backbone of our US economy is comprised of small businesses who yet rely upon a vibrant economy to grow. I have already taken both the Briggs test and Predictive Index and I am a Commander, Mastermind and Teacher, which simply means once you entrust me with a position, I take complete responsibility for it, from start to finish.

I have put numerous clients on social media for branding, but I personally do not belong to any of them, due to unfair practices in the algorithms used for advertising and censorship of conservative voices. PPC is flash-in-the-pan marketing scheme.  Two invaluable business books to read on this topic in 2021 are Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O’Neil and David Dayen’s Monopolized: Life in the Age of Corporate Power. Facebook investigations in October 2021 and whistleblower testimony in Congress is just the tip of the iceberg. Data shows fake ad impressions, fake video views, fake users, fake engagements and only four percent increase in profit after thousands of dollars in PPC are invested. Targeting and segmenting customers causes collateral damage like inequity and privacy attacks. Watch “the Social Dilemma.” https://ihavenotv.com/the-social-dilemma …so think about that when you budget for marketing.

“Public Relations is not for propaganda.” I say at the top of my website and “Public Relations is to promote a product HONESTLY.”  I define the term character as follows: “To hold firm to one’s values, no matter what storms may come or the norms may be,” and I mean it. Norm does not imply ethical standards have been applied; it only means 51% of the people are taking a particular action at this point in history. I move companies to the head of the line by writing superior CONTENT.

In addition, you will find information about me on my husband’s website, for which I am the LLC Director: The Carpenter Craftsman. I work well with those who do not discriminate based on race, gender, preferred pronouns and age and don’t ask those pernicious questions when hiring! I work well with those who believe in America, our US Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and value our men in blue and military. My husband is a USMC veteran who worked in illegal alien border control and drug enforcement to keep our country safe from 1980-1988. I work well with those that recognize ENGLISH as our national language and consider writing a craft.

God Bless AMERICA,

Rosanne Marie Ferreri