“A man who stops marketing to save money is like a man who stops his watch to save time.”–Henry Ford

Welcome to my site!

Soundtrack: “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky Korsakov. You can stop it from playing at any point.

RFDoes your marketing plan resemble “Flight of the Bumblebee” with complex PPC “funnels” that don’t put you on the web, but capture you in one? Mathematically and economically speaking, PPC is not a success when it costs more to acquire a customer  than that customer generates in actual purchases of products and services.

Wouldn’t you rather have a solid marketing plan with steady growth year round?

I bring to the table the skills every company needs to succeed in today’s competitive market! I’ve worked in the wedding industry, the construction industry, the health and nutrition industry, the web communications industry, the publications industry—my skill set is very versatile. I’ve worked solo, in a team of three, with a crew of over 100 vendors, in a classroom, from a corporate corner office and from my well-designed home office. Researching content ideas, sourcing creative items like photos, drafting posts for social media campaigns, proofing all written and online content, developing better keywords and designing more appealing website pages—these are what I do best. I would be happy to share how I took a local product and put it on its first store shelf two months later.

I realize that many market in a “flight of the bumblebee” manner, but I do not. I believe CONTENT is KING and is the only thing that will endure to give you repeat business; that’s why well-written content is my sole focus. My background as an English teacher and editor ensures your branding will be consistent and coherent; I have the ability to organize business and social events that lead to an increased client base and nationwide recognition. I am skilled at contract negotiation, trade show organization, and public relations. If content writing, editing or proofing is required, my portfolio includes examples for you to view.

Since many business owners do not know the difference between sales and marketing, I should clarify; they are as different as salt and pepper, but both are needed to season a stew. Well done marketing is required to sell your product or service. If you put the cart before the horse and try to rush out and sell your new brilliant idea first, without having built a solid marketing plan as your foundation, your sales department will resemble a revolving door. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news,  but there are no short-cuts to the creation of a well-conceived marketing plan. My focus is making sure your marketing plan lines up with what your sales people will ultimately will need when they pick up the phone or go to a sales meeting. People always say the following about the websites I create: “Each page leads me to the next; it’s like you anticipate my questions with content that is exactly what I am thinking at the time and want to know more about.”

I would be happy to take a look at your website home page and review your current content or read five pages of any manuscript you wish to publish in the future and assess whether substantial editing or simple proofreading is required. That initial consult will be free of charge.


Rosanne Ferreri, East Coast Marketing Lady