“A man who stops advertising to save money…

is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”–Henry Ford–

All-inclusive Website Design & SEO package

 that’s a 2020 BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS!

 I launched my husband’s veteran-owned business, The Carpenter Craftsman,  in July 2019– and  it was visible within one month on the first page of Google. His site is not only densely packed with helpful information that is updated daily with fresh offers that I post; it is search engine optimized to come up on Google for the key terms used by potential clients: carpenter, craftsman, Apex, and North Carolina. 

Would you like to be the first seen for your industry without having to use expensive PPC ad campaigns? If so, read on. This is what is included in my blueprint for success for your company:

  • I will create up to ten business pages that are SEO optimized using your key terms with unique content that captivates your audience and anticipates their questions
  • You will be listed in 50 directories, creating backlinks that improve ranking organically. 
  • Written testimonials will be pulled from places they have been post11-9-2019ed online to shine on your site.
  • I will include a slideshow and magazine about your company’s products or services.
  • Every business has a raison d’etre. Your company website  will be the place to tell your story. You will provide me with the facts and I will write the content.
  • Coupons will be included on your website, where they are easy for your customers to download and print.
  • I will add a calendar where you can post events, open houses, and sales.
  • I will set up a referral page, which you can use to list your personal recommendations, selling those ad spots or using them to create a solid business network of you own, akin to that used by BNI.  
  •  I will set up your Twitter and FB business accounts to generate interest in your company and write posts bi-monthly.
  • I will write one press release announcing the launch of your company.
  • You will be included in The Ultimate NC Relocation Guide to reach newcomers to the area before your competitors. I am the Publisher of that online guide!

Once completed, you will be given an owner’s manual, so you can make updates daily if desired and are always in control of your business destiny online. Your investment? $800 per month for 12 months.