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Audio Introduction

PR has often been used by its maker, Edward Bernays, for the purposes of propaganda; I believe it’s far better to use PR to tell the truth. So, for those of you concerned about the Covid vaccine–and everyone should be with 929 deaths reported as of February 12th from the jab–I advise you read the Fauci Covid 19 Dossier, first. One third of reported deaths occurred within 48 hours of receiving the COVID vaccine, and censorship of the truth regarding adverse effects perpetuates the myth that it is “safe.”

My background is in teaching our native tongue– ENGLISH–to those in grades 7-12. I enjoyed teaching for five years before launching Concise Editing in 1993 and have worked with both for-profit and non-profit organizations as a Business Development Manager. Sometimes that meant creating an email or print campaign to fund a one-of-a-kind product or program; sometimes that meant building a new website for a company without one. One company, unfortunately, had all of its passwords held by one individual who was in a coma! I have taken sites on other platforms not WYSWYG [what you see is what you get] and made them compatible for phone and laptop. I revamped my business in 2019 and became the East Coast Marketing Lady, to reflect that I had become an full-service PR agency. I am currently working on my second Marine Corps League website in the NC region; the first was completed in Dec. 2020.

To be frank, I work primarily with companies that have America First values, value the Constitution, our men in blue, truly honor the sacrifice made by all of our men in uniform [my husband is a USMC vet], value the terms mother, father, son and daughter–the foundation for society, and aspire to be charitable givers using their business as conduit. There is only so much time in a day, and I want to work with those who have the proper mindset for success. You will also note from the book I have authored that I am in favor of gender equality and am an activist for women in leadership roles, seated at the tables where decisions are being made about their lives, their opportunities, and society in toto.

The cake below is an example of an item prepared to perfection and then given the icing [PR] it deserves. It is one of my favorites–Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake. Follow the directions implicity then serve with a freshly brewed cup of cappucino. “PR, at its best, is like icing on a cake” that contains all of the proper ingredients, added in the correct order, baked to perfection and is ready to be served. Those of us in this industry need to make sure that free speech remains free and media is used to tell us the truth.


Rose Ferreri